University education in French, an elective and existential issue Crisis at Lorentian University

In 2020, the young man decided to leave Ottawa, where he was studying engineering, and return to his hometown of Sadbury to study theater at Lorenzian University.

To find [son] The world. And because theater is his real profession.

A year later, his project broke down. Lorentian University, which took refuge from its lenders, has cut 70 programs, including its own. Of that number, 29 programs in French প্রায় about half of the initial offerings were no more.

Maxim is part of a generation of young Franco-Ontarians who suddenly lost the right to a university education in French at home in Greater Sudbury.

Francophones are afraid of abandonment and assimilation here which will inevitably follow. The beginning of the fall.

Maxim Cowet was finishing his first year in theater at Lorentian University when the institution canceled the program.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Welcome Senga

The three political parties, the NDP, the Liberals and the Greens, are proposing basically the same solution with some differences. What community members already have in mind is the transfer of the French language program from Laurentian University to the University of Sudbury.

Formerly bilingual and federated with the Lawrenceian University, the establishment became fully French-speaking after the crisis began and is now seeking funding from the province.

I hesitate to return to Ottawa because I really hope to continue my studies in French in Sudbury. A

A quote from Maxim Cuet, an alumnus of Lorentian University

A social project that tempts

The door suddenly opens, with a dry creek.

Mr. Saint-Onj? Hello, this is France Galinas!

On this quiet street in Chelmsford, a suburb of Sudbury, most voters can recognize those responsible. She’s hard to miss anyway, all dressed in orange.

The story of Maxim, France Galinas says, I have them throughout my riding.

brunch de la fête des Mères, hier. J’ai vu un jeune étudiant, francophone. Il a passé trois ans à l’Université Laurentienne et a 30 000 $ de dette universitaire, mais n’est pas capable de finir son programme! C’était le premier de sa famille à aller à l’université”,”text”:”J’étais à un brunch de la fête des Mères, hier. J’ai vu un jeune étudiant, francophone. Il a passé trois ans à l’Université Laurentienne et a 30 000 $ de dette universitaire, mais n’est pas capable de finir son programme! C’était le premier de sa famille à aller à l’université”}}”>I was at one time Brunch Yesterday was Mother’s Day. I saw a young French-speaking student. He spent three years at Laurentian University and has বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের 30,000 in university debt, but he can’t finish his program! He went to college first in his familyShe moans, excited.

All of this could have been avoided if the provincial government had worn its pants and shown little interest in what was happening in Northern Ontario.

In a reassuring move, Mrs. Galinas turned on her heels and called out to music instructor Alain Therion, who was crossing the street near us. Wait, wait, don’t run!

He fought for the University of SudburyWhen asked why Mrs. Galinas could count her votes, Mr. Therion said. Most voters have spoken out in agreement.

France Galinas wears a colorful sweater

France Gallinas Nickel Belt NDP MP.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Crusading teacher

A few kilometers away, in Val Carne, Giles Prolux greets us at his preaching office.

Nickel Belt’s liberal candidate is trying to defeat Mrs. Galinas, who has been representing Riding since 2007.

He says the Liberals have a better chance of forming a government and resolving the crisis.

Gilles Proulx lives it Like a nightmare.

He is a graduate of Establishment and a teacher today, he says he feels Lots of pain, anxiety and even grief Faced with the elimination of the French program.

Her voice hardened.

It would be really sad for the region if we lost our children.

Her son, she says, will soon graduate from high school and naturally return to Lorentian University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in political science, but the program also fell by the wayside.

All the statistics say this: when young people leave the region, they do not return. A

A quote from Gilles Proulx, Liberal candidate in the Nickel Belt

So he had to choose between college studies – at College Borrell in Sudbury – or going into exile to go to the University of Ottawa.

Gilles Proulx and her son Yannick both wear red T-shirts and sunglasses.

Gilles Proulx (right), campaigning with her son, is a Liberal candidate in the Nickel Belt.

Photo: Courtesy Gilles Proulx

Many Francophone parents who meet him also tell him that they have saved money so that their children can one day attend Laurentian University and are now thinking about what to do.

I tell them that as a Francophone, this is a great opportunity to be able to develop our own university. […] I believe that this university is important to us now, for and by [les francophones]The decision will not be made in this way [en fonction d’un] Numbers, but the thoughts of our studentsMr. Prolux says.

Progressive Conservative Candidate in Sadbury, What About Mark Desperate?

We tried to find out his point of view, but his team canceled our interview at the last minute.

He was not there when he visited his preaching office.

A huge poster of Mr. Despati hangs in front of his publicity office in Sudbury.

A huge poster of Mr. Despati hangs in front of his publicity office in Sudbury.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Evan Therialt

Mark is interested in any opportunity to improve accessibility to French programs at the university level for Ontario Central. Doug Ford and Progressive Conservatives have created two independent French-language universitiesHis spokesman, Kim Morris, wrote.

The University of Sudbury wants Tide turned

The Rector of the University of Sudbury cautioned that their promises included various subtleties, but that political parties should not take sides in one or the other.

The outgoing progressive conservative government has often been criticized for failing to provide operating funding to the University of Sudbury.

On the contrary, he Already made a clear promiseRector Serge Miville observed, the federal government asked To finance the next phase of the University of Sudbury.

The ভাষার 1.9 million envelope, recently announced by Federal Minister for Official Languages, Jeanette Petitpas-Taylor, will allow the institution to study its ability to meet the training needs of students, the labor market and the Middle Eastern community.

In my opinion, we are on the right track in both cases. A French language university in Sudbury, we are moving in this direction, it is very clear. A

A quote from Serge Meville, Rector of the University of Sudbury
Serge Mevil wears glasses and a black jacket

Serge Meville is the rector of the University of Sudbury.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Does the University of Sudbury want to revive the French programs at Lorentian University? Again, Mr. Meville is wary.

We really need to focus on building our capacity, […] You must be able to operate as an autonomous French-language university. At the moment, this is our priorityHe notes.

It is certain that we are in the election campaign, the parties are in the process of making their position on this question. We will follow the rules we offer, […] And we won’t cut cornersAdded the Rector of the University of Sudbury.

But is unable to teach again until the University of Sudbury Tide turnedMr. Mivel will be concerned Exit After the crisis at Lorentian University, young people for whom there is no longer an effective alternative to university programs.

The students left Sudbury. This greatly weakens the Franco-Ontario community in the region. […] There is irreparable damage. A

A quote from Serge Meville, Rector of the University of Sudbury

It’s a big deal, I admit, but we need to re-establish the city of Sudbury as a post-secondary and university destination, especially in French.

A blue mark with a white building in the background

The University of Sudbury is seeking funding from the provincial government to resume teaching activities.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Evan Therialt

The French Language Services Commissioner of Ontario has been accused of violating the French Language Services Act during the cut, while Lorentian University, which declined our interview request, maintained that the program had cuts. A complete but necessary step in the complete reconstruction of Lorentian.

We are confident that our current programming is consistent with student needs and will help ensure financial sustainability for the future.Indicates, via e-mail, a spokesperson for the establishment who underlines it Lorentian’s bilingualism is central to his identity.

Lorentian University took refuge from its creditors until at least May 31.

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