Wellness area, cutlery, fashion … something new in Issoire (Puy-de-Dome) store

In recent weeks Issoire’s stores have a new cutlery, wellness area or even a concept shop dedicated to women all new.

A shop dedicated to cutlery

Sylvie Deldon has just opened a butcher shop in the former Magne, a shop dedicated to knives, specifically from Thiers or Laguiol. Kitchenware, tableware and picnics were sold, as well as 1886 knives and a range dedicated to the soon-to-be Issoire.

Visited at the butcher shop in Magne.

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  • 14 Ru Gambeta is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 12:30 pm and from 2pm to 7pm. E.g.

Facialist and massage therapist

Her workplace, Morgane Breische, designed it as an apartment. Mason Mo, finely arranged, dedicated to massage and wellness, opened a month ago. The 30-year-old, born in Brassack-les-Mines, has traveled around the world where she has practiced her profession in luxury hotels. After this experience, he decided to start his own institute with a purpose.

Facial massage, from Morgan Breish, Mason Moe, worked all over the world before settling in Iswar.

“I wanted to stop this seasonal activity to bring the idea of ​​a new fascist to Iswar,” he explained. Facial massage is presented as “anti-aging” and helpful in “reducing aging”. Morgane Breische also offers body massage.

  • 48 Boulevard Triozon-Bell, by appointment. Phone: Email: contact@maisonmo.fr.

A shop dedicated to women

Since the beginning of May, Arvarna Femina Box creator Johanna Richwood has launched her Concept Store. A three-in-one store, dedicated to women. Secret des Famous markets French-made jewelry, soaps, cosmetics, candles, fashion accessories and delicacies. The place is a cafe club where Johanna offers coffee recipes in her own latte, such as Pink Cafe, a naturally pink coffee.

Johanna Richud opens her Secret des Fames store on Boulevard de la Manlier.

Finally, the space is dedicated to hosting events intended for female audiences, especially with the setting up of showrooms or coaching workshops for fashion designers. “Secret des Famous is a place where you can come when you are a woman and feel good,” concludes Johanna Richwood.

The 28 Boulevard de la Manlire is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9:30 to 12:30 and 1:30 to 6:30 in the afternoon, Sunday and Monday from 10:30 to 4:30 in the afternoon.

Sports, relaxing and overall massage

From April 1, Laure Chauvet welcomes her clients to her Les mains de l’or salon. “These are tailor-made strength, sports or beauty massages that help relieve muscle tension and restore balance between body and mind,” the professional explains. The session always starts with an exchange with the person to take stock of “everyone’s needs and expectations”.

At Les mains de l’or massages, Laure Chauvet offers sports or relaxation massages.

  • Boulevard of the sub-prefecture. Open all week only by appointment at Mail to Lesmains2lormassages@gmail.com

A pop up shop

Stephanie Gobert-Morges has opened her own pop-up shop in Rue Gambeta.

Rue Gambetta, the fleeting store So Absolue Destock opened its doors on April 19 and will remain until June 11. Stephanie Gobert-Morges, already a business owner, rue de Châteaudun, offers 60 to 70% discounts for her customers.

Sale of discounts. On Friday and Saturday, Issoire town center finds its spring sale. About fifty merchants will set up stands to offer items or ready-to-wear items at low prices.


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