What is Dead Space? Gameplay, story, remake and much more!

Dead Space is a sci-fi survival horror title published by Electronic Arts. It follows the traumatic story of system engineer Isaac Clark and his fight against markers and their horrible necromorphs. In addition to the three main entries, the series has produced numerous spin-off games, a novel, a comic book, and two live-to-video films.

What sets Dead Space apart from other survival horror titles is its powerful industrial science system and the way Isaac was forced to fight his enemies. Until now, players used to shoot headshots to send zombies and similar monsters. For Dead Space, players have to tear enemies apart so that they can resurrect and return. It was a visceral experience where horrific violence pointed to the strangeness of desolate places.

It integrates HUD in an incredibly unique way. Isaac’s life and stasis power were tracked through his suit gauge. Maps and inventory screens were also projected controlled by the suite. It created a very cinematic experience because the player did not have that broken fourth wall.

Set in space, Dead Space has also made excellent use of weightlessness and introduced kinesis. Kinesis allows Isaac to manage the objects in the game as if he were using force. This has created some enjoyable puzzles and added another level of combat.

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History of the Dead Place

Dead place

Released in 2008 and developed by EA Redwood Shores, Original Dead Space was a landmark for the surviving horror genre. After receiving a distress call from USG Ishimura, where his girlfriend is staying, Isaac Clark is part of a crew sent to find out what happened and provide help.

However, on arrival at the ship, they discover that most of the crew members have been brutally killed and that Ishimura is crouching and crawling with ferocious monsters. Trapped on a ship, Isaac has to fix various systems, find a way to stop Unitologist Cult from spreading this blight and escape with his life.

Dead place 2

After destroying the red marker in the first title, Isaac was captured by Earthgove and sent to a space station for bad reason. After surviving the USG Ishimura, now mentally disturbed, Isaac is forced to make a copy of the marker by infiltrating oncologists into the organization.

As soon as the marker is activated, the population of the space station begins to turn into necromorphs. Isaac must fight his way through a group of enemies and face his own hallucinations to destroy his creation. On the way, he encounters another survivor, Eli Langford, and the two are able to escape.

Dead Space 2 was developed by Visaral Games, released in 2011 and has a multiplayer mode that puts players’ teams up against each other. One side would take on the role of survivors who had to accomplish a haphazard purpose while the other was a necromorphic with unique powers whose goal was to kill all living things.

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Dead place 3

Dead Space 3 was where the wheel fell for the series and finally spelled it out. Developed again by Visual Games, EA pressured the studio to continue the trend of cover-based shooters at the time. Dead Space 3 has lost a lot of awful things that made it so popular, made the game collaborative, added micro-transactions, and adapted it as an action shooter.

Several years after the Dead Space 2 incident, Eli and Isaac parted ways due to their deteriorating mental state. Unitologists have activated another marker near the settlement where Isaac now lives and are trying to kidnap the engineer. He was able to escape with the help of Eli and his new friend, who led a group of Arthugov soldiers.

From there, they set out for Tau Voltanis in search of the source of the markers. Joining John Carver, Isaac and the crew discover that there are several moons in the system that are actually the ultimate necromorphic lifeforms. Unfortunately, the moon woke up and started moving towards the earth. In a desperate attempt to stop them, Isaac and Carver are trapped by a moon, leaving their fate unknown.


Instead of continuing a story a decade apart, EA has decided to bring in Motive Studios to remake the original title. Scheduled for release on January 27, 2023, the remake uses the Frostbite engine to give USG Ishimura a complete visual overhaul. From what the title has shown so far, it sounds awful. While it’s frustrating, we’ll probably never see the conclusion of the original story, but it’s nice to see Dead Space finally come back.

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