10 shows to watch with inspirational female roles

Have you consumed all the recent and old movies? Do you want to start a series marathon? We have a short list for you. Here are 10 nuggets we recommend, with the added bonus of a very inspiring female role.

1 – Lady’s gameBy Scott Frank and Alan Scott

Our 2020 was marked by a heroine: Beth Harmon. In this mini-series, we follow the glittering journey from 8 to 22 years oldA girl, starring Anya Taylor-Joy, is starting chess. Gradually he became addicted to drugs and alcohol To avoid his childhood trauma. We then discover a character Tortured and complex feminine.

Beth Harmon, after all, is a model of feminism The man who tries to find his place in the worldBut with the class.

2 – Annie with an eBy Moira Walley-Beckett

Adapted from the novel “Ann … the house of the green gable”, Ann, the story with an e-series An orphan trying to adopt in any way. Anne has long ridiculed her hair color and the way she speaks (which makes her more of an adult than some kids). There have been traumatic experiences.

Despite this, he makes his way. And we discovered an elastic woman, fullHope and strength of character. The series accurately addresses socio-political issues Such as school bullying, minority places and feminism.

3 – Bang babyBy Andrea de Stefano

Published in the April 28 Amazon Prime videoWe follow adventure in this pop thrillerAlice (played by Ariana Bacheroni), a teenager who, out of love for her father, decides to join the Milanese Mafia.. A decision that will profoundly change his view of the world. Special mention for a good dose of black humor!

4 – The crownBy Peter Morgan

We all know Queen Elizabeth II, but this biopic is illustrated Some unknown aspects of his life. That woman has become sovereign Very young after the death of the father, He has seen his country shake in many ways. He had to His sister Margaret faces divorce and subsequent scandals. Then also, from Various political issues.

In short, we don’t just look at a woman politician, ah Strong women are rich in sensitivity, complexity and fragility.

5 – How to escape from murderBy Peter Novak

Analysis Kitting, starring Viola Davis, is his wife Strong, charismatic and biting, which is what we all want to be.

Professor of Criminal Law, we discover episodes and seasons, His psychology, his wounds and his many traumas. Murder suit and a feminine sensibility that makes us cold.

6 – IncredibleBy Lisa Cholodenko, Michael Diner and Susannah Grant

Incredible Is A series based on a true story. A young teenager, Mary, K. Testified of rape, but was forced to withdraw. Even then, the two women will continue the police investigation Bring the truth to the fore.

A series that brilliantly questions In the voices of victims of sexual harassment.

7 – Fly bagBy Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Winning Combo: British humor and feminism. Fly bagThis is a story Little crack london milfWhich says it all Their problem Everyday life, from her sex life to her professional worries, in front of the camera.

We travel through his daily life, discovering sad and extremely funny and slow An angry woman is overwhelmed with griefThose who are trying to survive and Hide his deep loneliness. A section Bright, black and raw with moving, corrosive humor.

8 – The Handmaid’s TaleBy Bruce Miller

Cold dystopia. Where we find ourselves in the world of dictatorship Women are hit by infertility. They are Domination of wife and homeOr Marthas and maintain the stove. Or servant, with sole role Propagation.

We discover this through the story of Afred, a Martha The evolution of a radical society and a woman rebelling against her fate.

9 – InsecureBy Larry Wilmore and Isa Ray

Illustrated with this series Depth, passion and truth Daily life and friendship between the two Black African American woman, Isa and Molly. They try to navigate somehow Adult life and all its problems. Finding a friend, the right job, the ideal apartment… in short, finding a good balance, them.

We also dive Southern LA universe, In the vicinity of Inglewood and Crenshaw, which are usually associated with danger and crime. But InsecureWe discover a completely different reality. That humanity and friendship, where there lives, joy and solidarity.

10 – Crazy ex girlfriendBy Rachel Bloom

Attention! A series punctuated by it Song and choreography, which you must love.

Absolutely burning, Rebecca, a Harvard graduate lawyer Her first great teenager decides to give up everything to get love back : Josh. However, beware of those who believe that it is an anthem and romantic series. Quite the opposite. Crazy ex girlfriend, Ridicule and slap gender stereotype and our paradox. Absolutely to taste!

So, do you know these series? What do you think? If you have our advice to others, please share it with us in our forum!

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