A company has invented the “ethical peer” in the brewery

Sofas, coffee tables, designer lamps and fashionable furnishings. At first glance, it looks like the cozy living room of a beautiful detached house. Welcome to the Freudfund Ethanche, a breathtaking view of the Laport Barracks right in the middle of the rugged industrial zone just before the brew.

Price is free

This place, which looks like nothing more than a meeting room, comes from the imagination of owner Alexandra Freudfund. Called “En mélée d’idées”, it is a peer-to-peer space that can accommodate up to twenty people who are willing, available for companies and associations. Other Originals: The price is free and the money raised is donated by the employees of Froidefond Étanchéité to collectively selected associations.

Who is the connected campus that will open in September for the purpose of brev ((Corrèze)?

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“Honestly, I haven’t seen it anywhere else,” commented Pascal Esclair, co-director of Brew Jail, a neighboring company. He did not have much space to assemble his staff while respecting the distance system associated with Kovid. He became “En mélée d’idées” and was as much admired for the quality of the place as it was for his founder’s vision.

The first grant of 2,620 euros

The companion room, which was put into service earlier this year, has already been used fifteen times. This has led to the collection of 2,620 euros, which was awarded to the association this Wednesday, May 11, “Por Nos Petis Gallards”, which improves the daily lives of sick children in the coverage.

Another association in September

The next beneficiary association will be selected in September, still within the framework of consultation with seventeen employees of Froidefond Étanchéité who quickly won by project.

“I hope they are happy to participate. I can see that at the moment, everyone is a little scared, believes Alexandra Freudfund. It is important to break down barriers and bring people together. It is also an opportunity to open up to the region. A

25,000 euro investment

By 2020, the company had invested 25,000 euros to build the space when it moved to Breeve, based in Dordogne Pazayak.

Maybe when I started my professional career, I would choose to rent it to recover some money. But I’m in a different perspective. Our proverb is: “Acceptance must be given.” This room can be very useful for young entrepreneurs who are just starting out. They pay only 2 euros but nothing goes.

Solidarity chain

Other companies lend a hand, confirmed by the relevance of the project. APB has installed free air conditioning system. Loc’Vaisselle provides tools when it can. A chain of solidarity that, in the end, “pays” employees work and benefits the good causes. “Grants like this, we don’t get them every day,” recalls Marlene Buffon and Lewis Fisher, volunteers for the association “Por Nos Pettis Gallards”.

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