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On the screen, science fiction has often pushed the boundaries of what was socially accepted. Since the plot takes place in the future and in distant places, why not show the forbidden behaviors on earth yet?

Thus, in 1966, the first series Star Trek A black woman (played by Nicholas Nichols in Uhura) is counted among a multinational and, more importantly, multiracial crew. Captain James T. Kirk (Montreal of William Shatner’s descent) regularly broke the ban on co-education by surrendering to the attraction of women from elsewhere, especially a species of attractive green-skinned Amazon, which turned men into much-satisfied slaves.

It is natural that, over the decades, the audiovisual offer of science fiction has adapted to the variability of Earthlings or sought to further its acceptability. A second iteration of the formula appeared in 1987 Star Trek. The new generation. In hindsight, crossing the boundaries of diversity in this way seems childish. But there was courage in choosing a non-American as the ship’s captain: Jean-Luc Picard, a Frenchman with a vineyard in Burgundy.

This choice was surprising, as there is still a very strong anti-French current in the United States today, especially on military issues, with Americans believing that they had to save France from German forces during World War II.

For example, when the country refused to take part in the invasion of Iraq, US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said ruthlessly: “Going to war without France is like a hunting rat without an accordion. He decided to cast her as British Shakespearean actor Patrick Stewart.

A Frenchman, a woman, a black man

In 1995, a woman took over as captain To travel. His runner-up was a Latino actor who portrayed the equivalent of First Nations, a face tattoo. A black then takes the lead role Deep Space NineIn 1999.

After a long hiatus, TV series running since 2017, Discovery, Is by far the most avant-garde. The heroine is a black woman (Sonequa Chaunté Martin-Green, excellent), in the service of an Asian captain (Michele Yeoh, idem), in the first season. The chief engineer and ship’s physician, who are always essential characters in the trek universe, form a gay couple here. Two transgender characters (including one Asian) have appeared in the last two seasons.

The series is dominated by female elements – more than a head chef of the Federation of Planets – and writing. The characters constantly share their moods and discuss unresolved issues from their childhood, even in the midst of a mission where every minute counts in the face of the impending destruction of the planet Earth. Up to the computer, Zora was camped by Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg (the series was shot in Toronto), with a female voice, who is undergoing a therapy session with a concussion.

Content Woke up Gener-loving critics don’t seem to exclude those who give aggregator Rotten Tomatoes series scores 81% to 92%, which is extremely high. For my part, I believe that narrative structure Discovery The most powerful sci-fi TV right now. (I am using the term here Woke up Positively, as a synonym for progressive.)

You tell me: lesbians are missing! Indeed, but they are available in other current trek series, titles Picard, And it’s quite a shock. Trekker had a vivid memory of the character Seven, previously introduced and played by Jerry Ryan. The assimilationist species of Seven Borg combines the robotic coolness inherited from its time and the sexuality embodied in its beauty and the arbitrary form highlighted by a tight-fitting uniform.

Here we see him fall in love with another crew member, who provokes the male viewers of Treks to abruptly reform their imaginary universe.

Star Wars, DC and Marvel

Its the universe Star wars There’s still some crusts to eat before the trek’s equivalent wokism equals.

She directed her feminist revolution in the last trilogy of the story. The protagonist is a woman, Ray (Daisy Ridley), and the resistance is led by Princess Leah (Carrie Fisher). Producer Kathleen Kennedy pushed the envelope too far in the episode The Last Jedi, Whose central theme beats feminist wisdom against dangerous masculine persuasion. The two male resistance characters, Leah and Vice Admiral Holdo (Laura Darn) find a plan to rescue the poor, implement their own strategy, which puts the soldiers in real danger. Leah and Holdo’s “maternal” tone to these poor men is cut with a knife and they will never cross the ramp if the opposite sex.

The other two popular sci-fi universes, DC and Marvel, create the underlying testosterone mass curve. Woke up In the extremely harsh DC, revenge was embodied through success in 2017 Wonder Woman (Cheek Gadot), Feminist Icon, with several male superheroes bigger than the box office Superman And Aquaman. (New Batman Just snatched his first place, however, and second Wonder Woman It was frustrating.)

At Marvel, attempts to bring in strong female figures were visible, albeit belatedly. Its frame Captain Marvel The rebellion of the heroine (Brie Larson) against the controlling man (Jude Law) is clearly highlighted. Breathtaking Black widow A trilogy of memorable and apparently immortal women (Scarlett Johansson, Rachel Weisz, Florence Pug) is working to free an entire battalion of chemically subjugated women from the clutches of Russian oligarchs. More than a fantasy action scene, the film marvels at its personal interaction and the quality of its dialogue.

We can’t find the unpretentious man in Marvel (at least on screen), unless we acknowledge Wanda’s (Elizabeth Olsen) relationship with her husband as a mixed couple, an incarnation of artificial intelligence. (He had his own TV series, Wanda Vision, Very real. See.) We can also put Demi-God Loki’s attraction in the liquid camp in a wonderful series with her name for her own female avatar! A gay (and black) couple finally came out in 2020 Eternal (Not the best movie in the series).

Diversity has crossed the line of an Asian hero in 2020 (Shang-chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Not great, but not bad). India finally represents Eternal. Next June, Miss Marvel, A teenager from New Jersey whose family is of Indian descent, moreover, will be a practicing Muslim in her own TV series. What makes us wonder A posteriori On the religious practice of other superheroes.

In DC Comics, we often see Batman burying his parents in the Christian church, Clark Kent and Louis Lane also had to get married in the church; Pagan gods abound in the world of Marvel gods and goddesses, but this is the first time I’ve seen a practicing superhero.

In short, popular culture is an important site for legitimizing and strengthening social behavior. Science fiction gives writers and producers extra opportunities, a convenient excuse to push conventional boundaries and incorporate novelty into it. It is clear that the audiovisual universe of science fiction Star warsDC, and Marvel did little or nothing to expand the ethnic and gender horizons of their huge audience — or too late. Star Trek Was and remains before, and still goes where no one has gone before.

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