During her husband’s funeral, a woman looks out of a dead man’s pocket and carefully pulls it out.

Christie believed she was in a loveless marriage because her husband was always engrossed in work and never had time for her. She finally realized that her husband loved her more than anything, but it was too late.

Christy and Alex had been married for ten years and had no children. They were concentrating on their respective careers and it damaged their relationship.

On special occasions like Valentine’s Day and their anniversaries, Alex and Christie would always go out for a simple dinner. Although these dinners were meant to be romantic, Christie often found it more routine because it was the same thing year after year.

During Alex’s funeral, Christie pulled out a note from her pocket that was intended for her. | Photo: Imagebb

Christie has always dreamed of traveling the world and discovering new cultures. Since they had no children, he thought it would be possible and they could strengthen their relationship through this trip.

However, Alex still rejected his travel offers, saying they were expensive and unnecessary. He insisted on saving for the future so that he could go on a trip after they retire.

Eventually, Christy stops making love. He felt that his life was just a routine, and all he had to do was go home to sleep and eat.

To make matters worse, Alex was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and his days are numbered. This made it harder for Christie, who could not leave her in this state.

Christie thought she was in a loveless marriage. | Image: pixels

One day, while she was returning home from work, Christie received a phone call from the hospital. “Mrs. Carson, your husband is not well. Come here now,” said the nurse.

Sure enough, the idea that Alex could die at such a young age broke Christy’s heart and twisted her stomach. Although she felt that their love was stagnant and without a spark, she was still her husband with whom she had spent most of her teenage years.

She went to the hospital trying to hold back her tears. She begins to think about what went wrong and how things could have changed if they had tried harder as a couple.

When Christie arrived at the hospital, Alex was trapped in several machines and could barely speak. However, he did his best to talk to Christie and let her know how he really felt.

Upon learning that Alex was ill, Christie rushed to the hospital. | Image: pixels

“Christie,” he began to say. “I know I can’t prove it to you, but I want you to know that I love you more than anything. Began to do. Breathing

“I really love you, Christy, and I never expected to leave this world so soon. I had so many plans for us,” he said holding Christy’s hand. She was tense and grabbed him while he was about to speak.

“These are my last days, and I want to spend them with you. There’s nothing else. And when I’m dead, I want to take a part of me with you. So please, at my funeral, keep some of yours in my pocket so I can keep it forever. I can. “

By then Christy had broken down in tears. Even though she was no longer in love with Alex, she loved him and considered him a big part of her life. “I promise, Alex. Don’t worry about me. I’ll take care of myself. So rest well and keep an eye on me from there, okay? I’m glad you don’t have to bother for a long time anymore,” he told her. Assured.

Christie made a promise to Alex before she died. | Image: pixels

Alex nodded and continued holding Christy’s hand. “If asking isn’t too much, what if I’m buried in my favorite blue suit? You know what it is,” he asked.

Christy shook her head. “Of course. But don’t think about it now. Let’s enjoy this time together. Okay?” She says she tries her best to smile.

Christie sat next to Alex for the next two hours. They listened to music, reminisced about their youth, and sometimes sat quietly, just enjoying each other’s company. That night, Alex slowly fell asleep and never woke up.

“Goodbye, Alex. Thank you,” Christie whispered as she went into cardiac arrest. Tears flowed from her eyes and she cried silently as doctors and nurses began to remove the wires attached to her body.

At his funeral, he came to her for the last time and carefully placed his medal in his coat pocket. The locket was significant because it was Alex’s first gift when they were still in college and it was one of their first pictures. “I want to remember you for our good times, not for what happened at the end of our marriage. Thank you for those wonderful years, Alex,” she said softly.

After placing the locket in his pocket, he noticed a piece of paper inside and carefully pulled it out. “For Christy,” reads Alex’s handwriting. She had never seen him before, but she realized that Alex had predicted her death before putting her there. She decided to read it later and keep it in her pocket.

Christie is mourning her husband at her funeral. | Image: pixels

That evening, when he returned home, he was ready to read the note. Alex writes:

Dear Christie,

I love you all my life, and I’m glad I chose to spend the rest of my life with you. I’m sorry that in the process of trying to prove my love to you, I forgot to live in the present, and because of that, somewhere along the way, we got away.

I remember when we were little, you talked about your lifelong dream: to open a cafe by the sea, where you could bake your delicious cake recipes and serve hearty meals to customers. I never forgot that dream, so I was motivated to work so hard every day. I’m sorry it took all my time and I neglected you in the process

I was so close to seeing you realize that dream, Christie. I have a bank book in your safe. I saved enough money there to open your business. There is also an envelope with documents to buy land with a small chalet overlooking the sea. Here you can set up your cafe.

I did not plan to leave the world so soon. I wanted to open this cafe with you. I’m sorry I can’t be with you when you make this project a reality, but know that I am always with you in your mind and in your head.

I love you with all my heart, forever. Alex

Christie was devastated to read Alex’s message to her. | Image: pixels

Christie broke down in tears after reading the note. For a long time, she believed that Alex didn’t just think about her or their relationship. He regretted not telling her about their problem and not solving the problem when he had time.

“I’m sorry I left the hull so soon, Alex,” Christie whispered to herself. “I wish I could go back in time,” he said.

That night, he prayed to Alex all the time, telling him his regrets and wishes. Although it took him a while to recover from his death, he slowly got back on his feet and started planning to open a cafe, because that’s what Alex wanted.

A few months later, he was ready to open his cafe. She named it in honor of her husband: Uncle Alex’s Seaside Cafe.

What can we learn from this story?

  • We always have to deal with our problems. If only Christie and Alex could communicate properly, they could solve their marital problems and protect their relationship.
  • Always tell your loved ones how you are feeling before it’s too late.. If only Alex had told Christie how he really felt about her, Christie might not have fallen in love and instead they could have worked to strengthen their relationship.

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