Google Maps: More immersive views and more economical travel

Google Maps takes a big lead on Apple Maps and will offer new maps and immersive views for artificial intelligence. You can also find the most profitable routes and use the Live View feature in third party apps.

Originally a simple navigation application, Google Maps has evolved extensively in recent years. Today, the tech giant’s app offers many features that go beyond simple navigation support.

During Google I / O, Mountain View Firm introduced Some new features that will appear on Google Maps soon. The application will be enriched to provide a better user experience, in a more immersive view for artificial intelligence, economic travel and live view functionality.

A more intuitive and immersive map

This year’s Google I / O was full of new things. With the official release of the Pixel 6a, Pixel Watch, Pixel Tabs, the new Pixel Buds Pro and Android 13 Beta 2, the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro have been served to Google fans, with the added bonus of the first look.

And during the event, Google unveiled a number of new features that will land on Google Maps. In a blog post, the tech giant begins by presenting them in detail Submerged sceneWhich will allow users to explore virtually the world.

Google Map Immersive View

Credit: Google

To achieve this, Google has compiled billions of street scenes, including aerial imagery and artificial intelligence, to create the world’s richest digital model. Users will be able to see virtually the surrounding area, a monument, popular places and restaurants before actually going there. Ideal for finding a beautiful place with breathtaking views of monuments all over the world.

The feature will be available in a large portion of smartphones and other electronic devices. He will arrive earlier this year for sightseeing in Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo, and later in other cities.

More eco-friendly route

In addition to offering users a richer search, Google Maps will allow them to find more respectful routes to their environment.

google map economic route

Credit: Google

When you look for directions to a specific location, the app will show you the route The most fuel efficient. It saves you gas and money as well as the benefits of being more environmentally friendly.

The feature was recently launched in the United States and Canada and has already saved 500,000 tons of carbon emissions, the equivalent of removing 100,000 cars off the road, according to Google estimates. And in the next few months, Mountain View Company will offer this functionality in many other countries, especially in Europe. With these new regions, Google plans to double the CO2 emissions reduction

Live view is coming to the third-party app

The latest big news from Google: Advent of live view in third party applications. Live View is a feature that allows users to explore the surroundings through augmented reality and guide them on foot in an immersive way. It works in large areas where you can easily get lost, such as airports, train stations and shopping malls.

Google Maps Live View

Credit: Google

Now, application developers will be able to integrate this functionality for free thanks to the new ARCore Geospatial API. Developers are already using this API to make their applications more intuitive, including the Lime app – which lets you store electric scooters and bicycles in several cities around the world, including Paris and Bordeaux – using it to help users park their vehicles in pedestrian areas. Outside.

The new API is available to all developers using ARCore, wherever Street View is available.

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