Honors are given in remembrance of 8 May

Flag bearers, speeches, marshalis and medal presentations … Memorial of May 8, 1945 Sunday, May 8, St.-Marde, took all traps of solemnity.

Two medals were awarded in memory of May 8, 1945: Sylvain Bourguignon received the Warrior’s Cross from Georges Landraw, President of the UNC (National Union of Combatants), who himself received the City Medal.

Instead, the children of the CME (Municipal Council of Children) received a diploma from the UNC for their “involvement and responsibility to remember”.

The mayor of the commune, Daniel Domatz, in his speech, after reading the ongoing and final letter of Misak Manuchian * addressing his wife, especially thanked the flag bearers:

“My favorite Melini, my favorite little orphan,

In a few hours, I will no longer be on this earth. We will be shooting at 3 pm today.

It happens like an accident in my life, I don’t believe it but still I know I will never see you again.

Can i write you Everything is confused in me and very clear at the same time. I joined the Liberation Army as a volunteer soldier and I am dying on the verge of victory and goal.

Happiness for those who will survive us and enjoy the sweetness of tomorrow’s freedom and peace. I am sure that the French people and all the freedom fighters will be able to honor our memory with dignity.

At the time of his death, I declare that I have no hatred against the German people and against anyone, everyone will receive what he deserves as punishment and reward.

The German people and all other peoples will live in peace and brotherhood after the war which will not last long. Happiness for all …

I am deeply sorry that I could not please you, I want to take the child from you, as you always wanted.

So I urge you to marry after the war, without fail, and to have a child for my happiness and to fulfill my last wish, marry someone who can make you happy.

All my property and all my business I bequeath to you, your sister and my nephews.

After the war you will be able to claim the war pension right as my wife, because I am dying as a regular soldier in the French Liberation Army.

With the help of friends who are willing to honor me, you will publish my poems and my writings that are worth reading. If possible you will bring my memory to my parents in Armenia.

I would die with the courage and sincerity of a man of clear conscience now with my twenty-three comrades, because personally I have done no harm to anyone, and if I have, I have done so without hatred.

It’s sunny today. I loved the sun and the beautiful nature so much that I said goodbye to life and to my very dear wife and all my very dear friends.

I have forgiven all those who hurt me or those who wanted to hurt me, those who betrayed us and those who sold us.

I kiss you very much and your sister and as many friends know me from afar or close, I hold you close to my heart.

Goodbye. Your friend, your comrade, your husband.

Manuchean Michelle.

PS I have fifteen thousand francs in a suitcase from rue de Plaisance.

If you can take them, pay off my debt and give the rest to Armen. M “

* Known as Misak Manuchian, Michelle Manuchian

Armenian poet and resistance fighter (Adıyaman, Ottoman Empire, 1906-Mont Valérien 1944).

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