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Ernst Jung Gold Medal for Medicine 2022 – Allied Fisher for all his research in Immunology

Already awarded the Ernst Jung Prize for Medicine in 1998 for his scientific research, Ernest Fisher, doctor, researcher, professor of pediatric immunology and first director of the Imagine Institute (AP-HP, Inserm, Université Paris Cité) received Ernst through his 40 years of research. The Jung Gold Medal for Medicine for all advances in clinical immunology. He has dedicated all his research to his teams to understand and find therapeutic solutions against genetic immunodeficiencies. These pathologies are rare, highly diverse and can have serious consequences for sufferers. Although some genetic immunodeficiencies occur in childhood, others arise in adulthood only for certain reasons.

The knowledge gained through his work has also paved the way for new therapeutic approaches, such as gene therapy or stem cell transplantation, which continue to be the subject of research.

With this award, Professor Alain Fisher receives a scholarship of 30,000 Euros which he can give to a young researcher of his choice.

Find the full portrait of Pr Alain Fisher here

সম্পর্কে About the Jung Foundation for Science and Research
The Jung Foundation for Science and Research, headquartered in Hamburg, was founded in 1967 by Hamburg entrepreneur Ernst Jung. Led by Chairman Joachen Spethman, its mission is to advance human medical research, promote new therapies, and strengthen Germany as a center of science.
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সম্পর্কে About Imagine Institute
On the campus of Necker-Enfants Malades AP-HP Hospital, Imagine is the main center for research, care and education on genetic diseases. To understand and heal them, IHU and the Institut Carnot-labeled Institute bring together 1,000 of the best doctors, researchers and health workers in an architecture designed by Bernard Valero and Jean Novell. It is a continuation of this unprecedented skill associated with patient proximity, which allows the imagination to be explored for the benefit of patients. An estimated 7,000 identified genetic diseases affect 30 million patients in Europe and about 3 million in France, where 30,000 new cases occur each year. About 50% of the children seen in the consultation go without a genetic diagnosis and 85% of the genetic diseases are still untreated. Faced with this major public health problem, the challenge is twofold: to diagnose and cure.

সম্পর্কে About Insaram
Created in 1964, Inserm is a public scientific and technological institution under the dual supervision of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Research. Dedicated to biological and medical research and human health, it is located along the entire route from the research laboratory to the patient’s bed. In the international arena, it is the partner of the largest organizations involved in the challenges and scientific advances in these fields.

সম্পর্কে About Paris City University:
The University of Intensive Multidisciplinary Research, labeled the “Excellence Initiative”, has promoted the University of Paris City to the highest international level for its research, diversity of its training courses, support for innovation and active participation. Research and training area. Paris City University consists of three faculties (Health, Science and Society and Humanities), one component institution, the Paris Institute of Earth Physics and a partner research institute, the Pasteur Institute. The University of Paris City has 63,000 students, 7,500 faculty-researchers and researchers, 21 doctoral schools and 119 research units.


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