Marriage at First Sight: Details of Damien and Pauline’s first night have been published

Pauline and Damien were among the candidates for the “married at first sight” ceremony. The couple already seems to be on track to go too far. In fact, they fell in love with each other. They gave way to love and showed no restraint after their reunion. Besides, sleeping separately on the wedding night was not a question for them.

Married at first sight: temperature rises …

While some couples have experienced disillusionment, others seem to be falling in love. This is exactly the case with Pauline and Damien. On Monday, May 9, 2022, viewers were able to see an episode of their “Married at First Sight” show, and we can at least say that the temperature between them has risen.

They were going to join their guests for dinner when their car broke down. A catastrophic situation, but one that has brought the bride and groom closer together. Damien even took advantage of the moment to ask Pauline:

“How about our first kiss in the video? A

He kissed her suitor directly. For the latter, he confessed in front of the camera:

“She is a good kisser. She has a beautiful face. My heart beats in 2000 hours. It’s a nice meeting, he’s a handsome man. She attracts me, yes. I’m comfortable. It’s sensitive. I like it because I’m like that too. I look forward to going deeper. A

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This first harmony is followed by another. During their first dance, the couple appeared very complex and they even exchanged a few lazy kisses. Spice up some more things.

“We were involved. I feel like I’m in a bubble. I only see him. We kissed a little. Honestly, it’s very, very hot. I wish it and I can’t wait to discover it further. I don’t think anything else is stopping us. We go to bed together on our wedding night. We are husband and wife. Saying I’m going to sleep with a stranger, I find it very exciting, “said Pauline.

The first moment of their wedding night

Their attraction is mutual. As Damien said, he feels the urge to hug his wife.

“I can already see myself sleeping with him, clinging to each other. He was very sensitive all day. I don’t understand why we wouldn’t hug each other, we spent that first night together. We will discover each other. Maybe with our flaws, no one is perfect. We will continue our pace. We’re on our little cloud, I don’t think we’ll come down tonight. A

Marriage at first sight
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Visitors to the Married at First site have seen the first moments of their wedding night. Damien was very gentle. He helped Pauline undress and comb her hair. A little attention that pleases the main concerned.

“I admire her for touching my hair. I’ll let myself go, “said Pauline.

The young man, for his part, made a point of specifying:

“I think we want each other a little bit. So I don’t know what will happen but it could be the first really big connection, I think. We will see above all what he wants. It’s madam, she likes everything. We’ll see what happens but I think there’s something that will happen naturally. A

“We didn’t really sleep.”

The camera closes when the lovebirds kiss for a long time under their sheets. The audience believes in the bride and groom going further. Especially since throughout the whole episode, they were very complex.

“When you went to bed, you killed me,” admitted a surfer to Pauline on Live Instagram on Tuesday, May 10, 2022.

Marriage at first sight
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To which the bride replied:

“It simply came to our notice then. No, but not really. We left the reception at 5am, we went to bed at 6:15 am, something like that, waking up at 7:15 am, he explained. We went to bed very late and in the end, we didn’t sleep. A

Anyway, Pauline and Damien don’t seem to mind. We sincerely hope they stay together!

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