MDPH’s insults!

The return of students with disabilities … a lot of inequality, internal system not working enough, file traffic jams … MDPH is clinging to their desks to meet the responsibility of national education!

Education of children with disabilities, complex path? Usually, it is the families who keep their fists on the table. In general, families are the ones who are most likely to criticize the system. Once not customized, MDPH (Departmental Home for the Disabled) takes care of it. In preparation for the start of the 2022/2023 school year, the board of directors of MDPH (ADMDPH) is getting excited.

National education faces its responsibilities

It said in an open letter in May 2022 that it wanted to put national education ahead of its responsibilities in a cashless way. She mourns ” Absence of answers regarding decision making and necessary means for successful return to school for children with disabilities “An issue related to this Transfer of responsibilities between partners “WHO” Some schooling is endangered “And leaves the parties” Bitter taste “Why do we go through MDPH to ensure the effectiveness of education for these children when it is the responsibility of national education above all? There are actually internal organizing systems, for example, Personal Reception Project (PAI), Personalized Assistance Plan (PAP) and Personalized Program for Educational Success (PPRE). , Which makes it possible to set up some arrangements but which will not Enough moving “Because it would represent the only way to get an AESH (companion to students with disabilities) but above all adaptive teaching materials, parents then rush to PPS (Personalized Schooling Project), bottle MDPH and focus on their service. Enough expectation

Bottled on request

ADMDPH actually observes a steady increase in requests, and therefore allocations for humanitarian assistance, although AESH is absent, and it is sometimes criticized for this. But when such a decision is made, then The contents of the file are consistent and valid 6, protects the association. For him, the problem comes from elsewhere … Responsible for implementing the decisions of the Commission on National Education, Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Autonomy (CDAPH), Looks like there’s a problem “He observes. School buildings, educational materials, equipment, which then requires the use of AESH.” So that schooling is not slow or interrupted “MDPHs emphasize that this accessibility is indeed Comes from school and needs resources “” MDPH assessment teams are asked to guess, by default, the role of the request controller because the whole system is not adapted “, Protesting the association, which mentions” The breathless team or family that gives them all He also mentioned the lack of national education staff available to MDPH, who are not adequately trained, and the provision of compensation for MDPH teachers. Very opaque and uneven

Serial claims …

And to condemn the inclusiveness of the Localized Support (Pial) that was launched two years ago, “ Approve the liquidity of humanitarian aid allocations “But who” Is not able toThis is also the status of AESH, which is in the hearts of critics, inadequately trained and paid. In some cases, out-of-pocket payment agencies seek refuge in families “Another hurdle: ULIS (Local Unit for Inclusive Education) based students who sometimes benefit from significant enrollment times where shared AESH alone cannot respond; the association therefore urges.” Calibration and organization review, strong and consistent Of these units. He added that “ AESH and teachers often have sole responsibility for the effectiveness of inclusive education. “. Gold, ” This purpose cannot be relied upon solely by these employees “Finally, the association regrets the lack of guidance.” Options “Waiting” Goal adaptation (I.e. first choice) is given to families

Emergency meeting!

Ultimately, this collective runt wants to denounce the fact that ” Collaboration is about as many sections as configuration “MDPHs claim so” National coordination of practices and simplification of regulatory structures “, Judged” Basic for organizing the start of the school year and finding solutions for children who do not have ones “. inside” Urgent 7. They called for a great consultation that would bring together the MDPH, the family, the association, the national education, the CNSA (National Solidarity Fund for Autonomy), the DGESCO (General Directorate of School Education) and the relevant ministries. ” The success of the next school year depends on it “, He warns.

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