Missouri has her finger on the trigger, ready to ban abortion

In Missouri, abortion rights are already being eroded. The law has already limited it to only one medical center in the entire state to offer abortion termination – and some funding has been cut off.

“We are already working on the post.Roy v. WadeAnd that, over the years, has led to the introduction of Maggie Olivia, director of strategies at Pro Choice Missouri.

A draft U.S. Supreme Court ruling released by Politico last week now suggests that the ruling Roy v. Wade, Which provides constitutional protection to American women about their right to abortion, will be repealed. “It simply came to our notice then. We always knew that Rowe It was not safe, “said Mr Blair.Me Olivia.

“It simply came to our notice then. A

Access to abortion already varies greatly from one U.S. state to another. Missouri passed a trigger law in 2019, and if that is to be expected Roy v. Wade With the Supreme Court withdrawing, the almost complete ban on abortion will take effect very soon.

In the offices of Pro Choice Missouri, Messi bears witness to the long hours of work accumulated by the staff over the past few days. Because, in addition to the suspended fate Roy v. WadeThey must respond to the budget bill passed by the State House of Representatives, which reduces funding for Planned Parenthood, the agency that runs the last medical center to terminate pregnancy in Missouri.

Lawmakers want to prevent the agency from providing reproductive health care – preventive care and birth control, among others – to members of the public Medicaid insurance program, which benefits low-income citizens. State revenue.

“Preventive care is much more necessary than ever, because abortion will be banned in a few weeks,” May 6 condemned the planned parent, promising to absorb the cost of the measure as long as possible.

“Extremists have been trying for years [eux], In every possible way. It’s been part of their strategy for a long time, “said Maggie Olivia. The Missouri Department of Health significantly declined to renew the parenthood clinic’s license planned for 2019. The organization then went to court to overturn the decision; He won his lawsuit in May 2020.

Cross the river

Over the years, many women seeking abortion have crossed the Mississippi River, which separates the state of Missouri from the state of Illinois, where the rules are less stringent. Between downtown St. Louis and the nearest clinic in the neighboring state, it is only a 20-minute drive.

Women typically go there to avoid the mandatory 72-hour waiting time between the initial appointment and the intervention imposed in Missouri. In this state, abortion requires at least two trips: it is an additional barrier for the poorest women, the beauties.Me Olivia.

If the clinic doesn’t have enough space – or if women can’t afford to travel – they must carry their pregnancies on time: “This is the ‘horrible reality of prohibiting abortion,'” said Miss Pre-Missouri from Staff Pro’s office.

The latter is an unused warehouse in an industrial district of St. Louis, lined with wooden planks along the railroad tracks. “There is no indication that there are offices for employee safety,” said Maggie Olivia. “Our address is nowhere on our website. A

The question of security comes up again and again.

Due to a lack of volunteers, the agency has not always been able to send a team of companions to the three abortion clinics in the area, one in St. Louis and the other two in Mississippi. She has been doing this on her own since her own abortion “in support of other women”. “You have to be prepared to hear horrible and very obscene things, but communicating with patients – and acknowledging them – is valuable.”

This presence is necessary, he said, because those who oppose abortion are there “every day”.

At the Parenthood Clinic planned in Fairview Heights, next to Illinois, stands Julie Dalechek Gate. He jumped out of his chair as each car approached the window. The woman in her fifties wears an orange bib for the Life Coalition. She distributes leaflets to newcomers with her husband.

Next to them is an easel sign holder with the words ” Sign in “(” Register “). The car stops there believing that the clinic staff will come to greet them:” It’s a bit confusing “, agrees MMe I smiled and smiled.

He is showing his opposition to the Illinois rule. She believes that Missouri’s current waiting period is advisable, so that women do not make “hasty decisions” and have all the information on their other possible options at hand. “There, consent is given,” he says.

Outside of abortion

Missouri recently tried to criminalize access to the abortion pill, Maggie Olivia said from the side of her river. And he succeeded in banning telemedicine for the appointment of the first information about abortion and the prescription of the abortion pill, among other things.

However, Missouri doctors have stopped prescribing it because of mandatory state-mandated pelvic exams, pro-choice activists say. “Troubled by this” unnecessary medical need, “which they equate to” state-imposed sexual harassment, “they throw in the towel, he reports.

If Missouri women have no secrets about finding services in Illinois, has the state tried to stop them? “We’ve seen a number of legal efforts in other states to ban abortions for Missouri residents,” either through a bill or a change in the law, Ms. responded.Me Olivia.

The latest measure is still pending, but the legislature session will end this week and the House of Representatives probably won’t have time to pass it. “But I hope to see him again in the next session,” he notes.

Pro Choice is preparing for this situation by focusing on the “political education” of the Missouri population, attacking misinformation and disseminating resources available to women. “We will continue to fight so that it does not become a reality,” the staff promised.

The report is funded by the Transit International Journalism Fund.Duties.

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