National Geographic has released a cast of its new miniseries “A Little Light”, which will be available on Disney +

Bell Paulie, Liv Schreiber and Joe Cole will star in the National Geographic miniseries ‘A Small Light’, which will air on Disney +

Produced by ABC Signature in partnership with Cassette Studios, this eight-part reality series chronicles the life of Mip Geese, who helped young Anne Frank and her family escape the Nazis for some time.

Filming will begin in Prague and Amsterdam in the summer of 2022

Paris, April 20, 2022 – Disney + has just announced that Bell Pauli (Morning show), Live shreibar (Ray Donovan) And Joe Cole (Diseased blind) Will play a major role in the series A small light. Joan Rutter and Tony Fell (Gray’s physiology, Father’s Council), The author of this National Geographic miniseries, will also be the artistic director, and Susanna Fogel (Flight attendant, cat person) Pilot and conduct several episodes. Joan Rutter, Tony Fell And Susanna Fogel, Peter Trogat of Cassette Studios, Alon Schruzmann of Cassette International and Avi Nir Executive Producer of Cassette Media Group.

A small light Miep tells the story of Gies (Bell Paulie), A secretary in his twenties Who did not hesitate to hide the family of his boss, Otto Frank (Live Schreiber), During World War II. For two years, Mip, her husband, Jan. (Joe Cole)And other common heroes saw eight refugees in a hidden annex Otto’s company, Opekta. After capturing them, Mip finds Ann Frank’s diary and agrees with the girl’s father to leave it for publication. The title of the series is taken from an observation he made towards the end of his life: “I don’t like people to say that I was a hero, because I don’t want people to think that you have to be special to help others. It takes a secretary, a housewife or a teenager.

Bell Paulie will play the role of this faithful, funny, open and completely ordinary young woman. While Anne Frank was writing the story of her beautiful beginnings in the Annex, Mip was on the other side of the library. Her friends and family knew nothing of her heroic decision, and she dealt with her professional needs every day, the pressures of life under the Nazi occupation, and her life as a bride. Died in 2010 at the age of 100, Miep Gies was an amazing and improbable heroine whose deeply humanistic story is a source of inspiration for a new generation.

Anne’s father, Otto Frank, fled Germany after the Nazis came to power in 1930. He was the eternal hopeful of the family, the rock, the image of the father, the boss. After the war, returning from Auschwitz, he confidently waited for his daughters to return. When he learns that they are not alive, Mip gives him Ann’s diary, which he has saved.

Jan Gies, MIP’s devoted husband, a social worker in war-torn Amsterdam, was uniquely set up to help those most threatened by the Nazi occupation, including Jews. For two years he helped Mip to take care of the Frank family and the other four in hiding. Companions, in life and in their mission, he was MIP’s only confidant.

Bell Paulie, Liv Schreiber and Joe Cole are represented by Curtis Brown, UTA and Jackway Austen, respectively; Untitled and UTA; And B-side management and WME.

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