The ex-baby is kept, Yasmin testified: “We can always get up, even if we lose everything.”

Yasmin Khalaifi now claims to be an orphan because she was abandoned by both her parents. He has been taken care of many times. (Yasmin Khalaifi)

“It’s hard to be confident, when your mother insulted you as a child and she shaved your head so we can’t see your hair, because she was jealous,” said Yasmin Khalaifi.. A 13- to 15-year-old child has been placed Nantes And inside WendyThe young woman, now 24 years old, has multiplied her foster family, home and college.

However, he escaped with it, nonetheless Psychological sequels. Influential and entrepreneurial, He hired influential people Or well-known artists, to offer their “live” sessions with their community on dedicated platforms.

With video conferencing News Nantes From his apartment Marseilles, Yasmin is smiling and bubbly. But he comes a long way. Never far away with his pack of cigarettes, he tells us.

“He beat me, he put salt in my eyes.”

Yasmin grew up with a mother who was addicted to heroin Nantes-Nord District. “He beat me, he put salt in my eyes. He tried several times to drown me in the toilet because he thought I was stealing his medicine,” said Yasmin. Trench And Isolated On its history. “I don’t feel the pain of being hurt so much anymore,” he says.

In this toxic family, there are two: Yasmin and her younger sister, The young woman had not seen Nantes since she left at the age of 19. Yasmin has not heard from him since and is worried:

My sister was also kept but was later returned with my mother. I’m afraid he’ll treat her the same way he treated me, or my sister will end up like him. I think he turned my sister against me. Maybe he doesn’t remember what happened …

She was supplying cocaine to support her younger sister

Today, Yasmin’s sister is 15 years old, but she was between 5 and 6 years old then. When both have periods They live half out, Because their mother is often absent, just like their father. So Yasmin, from her height of 12 years, provides cocaine to support her younger sister, which she keeps in her school bag.

I fell asleep at the school table. I have also received punitive advice for this. (…) But it challenged the teachers. I reported my situation to the nurse. She followed me one day and she saw my little sister playing with my mother’s medicine. He calls social services.

Yasmin Khalaifi

“They did it for money.”

And then Yasmin goes to the foster family. She finds herself in Wendy, Isolated from his younger sister, Whom he rarely sees. She tells us that she has experienced violence and abuse in her various foster families.

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He could have stayed in a room outside where the rest of the family lived and where he lived. Malnourished, With other foster children. Another child was abused with whom she was kept … the story of her foster family, lots of Yasmin and They are not happy. “They were doing it for money and nobody in France talks about it,” he complained angrily.

One week in a mental hospital

At age 15, Yasmin spent a week in a mental hospital, followedA scene of violence in front of a house. The young woman ran away from her foster family with another foster child.

She says she was alive A trauma In this hospital stay. “I have nothing to do here. I was told: ‘Be happy, you have a roof over your head. We didn’t know where to put you. You can’t keep a child with lunatics, “he said.

“It was the worst electro-shock of my life.”

According to Yasmin, Other foster children It was a very difficult journey.

I think many people in my place would commit suicide. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. You develop emotional dependence. It’s hard to develop yourself as an adult, because you’ve been told you’re not welcome.

Yasmin Khalaifi

He will finally get it Single residence at the age of one and a half years Thanks to Child Social Assistance (ASE). But when he is old, he has to leave. “There is no preparation, you don’t know where to go. It was the worst electro-shock of my life, “he testified.

“I managed the prostitutes’ schedule”

At age 19, the young woman leaves Nantes to try Reconstruction in Paris, After being chained, he stays with his honest father and his grandmother. “I left Nantes to avoid the climate,” he justified. He was 19 years old then. But then again, he has to fight Bad meeting To get out of it

Rent by A pip in the trapeze in the yeline, In order to pay for her education through a letter to become a medical secretary, she must act as her “secretary”. That is, manage the beginning and end of the pass.

I was watching. I have managed the schedule of prostitutes. (…) Many underage girls came out of the hostel who were escorts and I feel responsible for arranging dates for them and making money for them, even though I had no choice. So I left and started all over again.

Yasmin Khalaifi

“I wanted to get out of this rotten world.”

Without the transition, Yasmin then tells us how she started working for a perpetual product, one of the leaders in aloe vera production. “A friend suggested I go to the GemeProps website (Job and service announcement siteEd) “, he continued.

Thus he enters Animation of Residents Beauty Workshop For society. “I wanted to develop the idea on the internet then and I started to develop my community, especially thanks to Instagram. I wanted to get out of this rotten world, “he says.

Online scam

But while waiting for her to make enough money to survive, she decides to go into scandal. Without a filter, he says he cheated with a lot of social media followers Yasmin, pretending A watch collector, Decides to indulge with them Fake pictures of luxury watches.

There were never any complaints, because many did not have real luxury watches to compare. I was trying to find profiles of some young, materialistic salespeople living in the United States.

Yasmin Khalaifi

The young woman tells us that she found the watches on a site known for selling counterfeits, now closed.

After hell …

But this scandal will last for a while. Thanks to the community she has built on social networks, Yasmin manages to be Influential. “I live better outside of this world of deception and violence,” she admits, proud to be able to attract her favorite artists to her networks, such as Canardo, the singer and brother of La Fouen.

Yasmin also became Influential employer Similar to Bigo Live Site, which is a live streaming platform TwitchWhere he brings well-known artists to communicate with their community.

“Yasmin is a very mature person for her age”

It has hired personalities like this to do it MaskaA member of the RAPAP group, the Saxon D’Assault, or even Kevin ReggieActor and comedian who previously hosted “Rdv ‘avec Kevin” Canal +.

Yasmin met him 2019 In its studio Canal + তিনি After he spoke in a video about abandoned children in the United States She contacted him to tell him about her career with Child Social Assistance (ASE). From, They stayed very close.

Yasmin is a very mature person for her age and this is because of her past. He is the richest man I have ever met.

Kevin ReggieComedian and actor

“He has a lot of talent.”

Per MarseillesYasmin leaves aside where she took refuge to start a new life Art and animation training. “I am just happy to be free. There, for the first time, I calmed down. And my situation proves that you can always get up even if you have lost everything. A

And Kevin Reggie trusts him. Contact by News Nantes, He assures:

He is interested in many things, he can spread fast but he has a lot of talent. He learns quickly and if he manages to concentrate on an activity that he likes, he can move up the hill. He deserves it.

Kevin Reggie

She likes to be in her virtual world

Due to her difficult childhood and adolescence, the young woman still holds on Sequel. “I’m agoraphobic. I’m an insomniac. I can’t sleep when it’s dark. I’m in love. Fear of being abandoned. I no longer believe in friendship. I think I’m nowhere, because when you don’t have an anchor you have lifelong scars, for this reason Lack of help“, He testified very clearly and retrospectively with his career.

So she prefers to be in her virtual world. “I went through a lot of frustration that I prefer live. At least they can’t reach me. A

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