What is the separation with Pauline and Damien in the violent attack?

It’s a show that continues to talk about seasons and episodes Effective, Marriage at first sight A show that highlights marriage and its various aspects. But the next issue brings big surprises for the viewers!

Marriage at first sight, an event that arouses interest!

Some programs manage to get to know themselves more or less easily depending on the aspects they present.

In fact, you should know that our field of television is complete, with a full range of programs. Visitors will be able to enjoy many programs.

And in the latter, we can specifically mention Marriage at first sight Which is a program with great interest. The latter highlights different aspects during the first meeting, but from a different angle.

For this, you should know that the candidates are selected in advance, and met at the wedding. An aspect that evokes strong emotions in them, but also in Internet users. Because some people don’t think about marriage proposal in the first place.

There are going to be a lot of surprises in the next issue. Let’s see all this together!

The first show is a big surprise in marriage!

This is already the sixth season of the show which continues to terrorize the score at the hearing.

Effective, Marriage at first sight A show that brings many viewers back to their screens. In this way the latter may have many situations to follow and may be able to discuss their views on the unions that are happening.

In this episode Marriage at first sight Which was aired this Monday, May 9, 2022, many surprises were present.

In fact, it seems that Damien’s marriage has caused a great deal of emotion among those close to him.

And this is especially true of his father who created a strong emotion during this ceremony. The latter thus created a strong emotion between the young woman and her son by giving a touching speech. For this, he also concluded the following: A love is being born there. So we’re all actually fulfilling

A good sign for the future that will bring great things! For her part, her sister has long carried the desire to be her aunt. An anecdotal situation for some, but one that still bothers the latter.

He expressed his annoyance and answered the following: Everything in its time“But not everything seems to please everyone. So we must observe Damien’s sister, who was married on the show. Marriage at first sight And who showed his reluctance in the face of this incident.

In particular, he says the following: Dating a stranger is not my cup of tea at all. I stood back, I watched

Several communities

This wedding evening that promised to be gorgeous, seems to be like a stain on an element board.

In fact, everything was going well, and everyone was happy except Damien’s younger sister. The latter did not hide his reluctance to participate in the show Marriage at first sight.

And she wanted to let him know. For this, the latter, seeing his sister to one side, hurriedly got up from the table to see her.

He said the following about this incident: I separated myself with my two sisters, I told myself there was something stuck with Alexia

In this way he was able to express his feelings about the event which he did not really appreciate, noting the following: ” I will be happy if all the glamor falls

It seems, however, that not all of these qualifications are as serious as those brought by Damien’s wife, Pauline. In fact, he qualified the latter as an unknown, which greatly influenced the latter.

Wanting to do something better, she wished she could give him a chance with it!

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