Zoom sells us a tool to analyze emotions and not everyone likes it

The video conferencing software has launched an artificial intelligence analysis program of emotions. The project has been very poorly accepted and is based on many problematic points.

Discriminatory “,” Manipulator “And” Punitive “: Thus more than twenty associations describe one of the new zoom tools. The video conferencing software actually unveiled a new offer in April, called “Zoom IQ for Sale”, a tool for ” Conversational intelligence“Sales teams are intended to assist in their negotiations – but in reality, the IQ for sales is much higher.

Various human rights groups have written an open letter condemning the use of the tool. They express concern about the future of this technology, explaining that it represents a risk to users’ privacy and that it is based in part on ” Pseudo-science “They’re telling Zoom to back down and drop the IQ for sale.

Zoom offers emotion analysis tools // Source: Zoom

What does Zoom IQ offer for sale?

What does Zoom IQ for Sakes actually do? On its site, the zoom is quite stingy with details. The software simply states that the tool is primarily intended for the sales team, who can use it to “improve their performance.” Index “. This indicator “Analyze interactions with customers to bring in specific data “Zoom explains its site.

On another page, where IQ for sale is described more precisely, we learn that the tool “ Post-meeting analysis that highlights the transcript as well as the rate of emotion and engagement “About this too” Aggregate information “, WHO” Provide context »And which will be used for« cKnow the number of interactions, the competition and the feelings of the customers

Further down the page we find that the information provided by IQ for sale is ” Speech-to-hearing ratio, speech speed, patience, filler word usage, emotion analysis “More specifically, emotion analysis will be used so that” Find out which competitors talk about you the most, why you have won or lost against them, and what feelings are usually associated with them.

These are just two sentences that refer to Zoom’s data collection and this famous feeling analysis. There are no further details on how this information will be properly collected, or when, or under what circumstances. It was never specified how they would be analyzed. And blames Zoom for all these open letters.

Zoom // Source: Fiber / Unsplash Compare
Zoom // Source: Fiber / Unsplash Compare

Related issues and condemnation by the group

The open letter condemns the fact that Zoom “ Collect user information But most of all, he underscored the fact that emotion analysis is fully committed. ” Based on a misconception that an artificial intelligence can track and analyze human emotions “It simply came to our notice then Privacy and human rights violations “, And the authors of the open letter to Zoom” Stop planning for this feature

It is true that such technology does not seem to be fully compatible with the privacy of Internet users – and the fact that Zoom does not specify the terms of use of IQ for sale on its site invites caution. If we suspect that there will be limitations to use and that consent must be given before filming, this idea may make it uncomfortable. Zoom makes this point even more appealing to professionals: would it really be possible for a company’s managers not to use it if they were forced to?

The authors of the letter further state that the AI ​​sentiment analysis is based on a ” Pseudo-science “” Facial expressions are often disconnected from perceived real emotions, and research has shown that even people cannot always accurately predict the emotions of people in front of them. “, Point out the authors.” Developing this tool adds credibility to this pseudo-science “, And” Your reputation is at stake They warn Zoom.

So far, Zoom has not yet officially responded to the open letter. However, these authors seem optimistic: It’s an opportunity to show that you care about your users and your reputation. Zoom is an industry leader, and millions of people depend on you to manage our digital future.

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