A woman has raised her son’s daughter who left him ten years ago. When he returned, he found the house empty and abandoned.

Out of selfishness, Nicholas, a young man, left his daughter in her mother’s arms at the age of ten. This is to enjoy the love affair with her new boyfriend. Ten years after his package, he realized with amazement that he had made that huge mistake.

Sometimes in life, the pursuit of happiness makes men unpredictable. This is the story of Nicholas, the father of a daughter Page when she was ten years old. After the sudden death of his wife, the loneliness and pain that overwhelmed him forced him to abandon his little girl to her mother, promising to return quickly.

Nicholas’s mother was called Doris Dakar, when she was only thirty years old, she was abandoned by her husband, a seven-year-old child (Nicholas) in her lap. One problem was so delicate that Doris had to roll up her sleeves to take care of her little boy.

Unfortunately, Doris was far from imagining an almost identical situation in her thirties. To believe that his son really took a lot from his father, even if he knew him very little.

In fact, Nicholas, like most young men, was fortunate enough to find his soul mate in Sandra’s persona. Some time later, the two lovers just tied the knot. Then came Page, their only daughter. The perfect happiness of this little house is shattered when Sandra dies.

A drama that plunged Nicholas into chaos and misery. But fortunately for the young man, love will soon knock on his door again. At the time, her daughter Page was only nine years old, and although it seemed premature, her mother understood the situation. She told herself that her son had to turn the page and move on.

Six months later, Nicholas and his new partner, Donna, said “yes” to the town hall. Thus began Page’s nightmare. In fact, the restless girl became very calm and introverted. An understandable change if we consider that he had to face the death of his mother and the new love situation of his father.

Selfish people do not care about the happiness of others.

A few days before the bride’s departure, Nicholas came to see his mother and asked her to stay with Page: “All couples need time alone, mom. And Page is getting tough lately … he’s mad at Donner.

Doris has raised her son Nicholas alone Source: Unsplash

A request has been formulated in the most beautiful way with the necessary arguments. It was summer, and Nicholas’ daughter had just celebrated her tenth birthday. Confused and surprised, Doris realized that the newlyweds would have to quietly enjoy their wedding in Alaska.

All right, Nicky

“, He said before adding:”

I think a break would do you three good things. But if you don’t mind … I think Donna knew what she was in. He knew you had a daughter. An adult woman should be able to cope with the pain of a ten year old who is still trying to cope with the death of her mother and her father’s rapid remarriage.

Dissatisfied with his mother’s response, Nicholas raised his face and replied, “I should have known you would favor Page! Donna loves me, she makes me happy and that’s what matters to me.

An answer that did not please Doris. He did not spend much time with his son at the bottom of his thoughts: “I thought if anyone was next to Page, it would be his father.“, And concludes:”And making your daughter happy should make you happy too!

When Page was 9, Doris’ honest daughter died Source: Unsplash

Nicholas became somewhat nervous, but when he returned with Page a week later, he seemed happy and normal. He kissed Page affectionately and hugged his mother and said, “I’ll be back on August 27, Mom

Neither Nicholas nor his new wife appeared on the scheduled date. Worried, Doris tried to contact her son on the telephone, but the number was no longer assigned.

From the three-week vacation, the separation between Nicholas, his mother and his daughter lasted for more than ten years. A period where Nicholas responded to his daughter’s text messages on a few rare occasions.

But it wasn’t until Doris realized that the house, which had been sold by his son and first wife, Sandra, had realized that he had drawn a line under his daughter. At least for a while.

Six months after her widowhood, Nicholas remarried Source: Unsplash

So he called his granddaughter and talked to her frankly: “Look, we’ll manage, you and I. I don’t want you to worry. I will take care of you. I love you Paige, and I know your dad will come to regret what he did.You

Words full of knowledge. Ten years later, Nicholas was pointing his nose at his mother, looking like a beaten dog. He was upset to see the condition of the house where he had grown up.

And even if he could clearly see that there were no more spirits in the house, he forced himself to ring the bell. Without getting any response, he went to the next door and asked for the news.

He opened the door and saw his mother’s former neighbor. This last surprise, seeing her isolated condition, and her car, which had taken a lot of age, not to mention rust, made her hesitant to give her mother and her daughter a new address.

Page married and Doris lives with him. I hope you don’t expect the extravagant son to be welcomed

“, He started coldly before adding:”

After all you have done with them, I would have expected the worst if you had.

Nicholas told Doris to take care of Page for three weeks Source: Unsplash

Nicholas, ignoring the lady, took off his heels and started his car with a push. For her, her mother was still her mother and she knew how to talk to her. But arriving in front of the indicated address, Nicholas was amazed by the outward luxury offered by these palaces, where his daughter, her husband and her mother now live.

The doorbell rang with courage in both hands. A cleaner rushes to open the door, and Nicholas asks: “I’d like to talk to Doris or Page Dakar, please?

You mean Mrs. Dakar and Mrs. Henderson, sir

After Nicholas’s positive response, the latter replied with an insulting smile, the maid took him to a large, very elegant living room.

A few minutes later, Page walked into the living room, silent, but to no surprise. His father realized that their former neighbor had already informed him of his arrival. Seeing his daughter, Nicholas wanted to kiss her and shouted: “Page, my baby …”

Nicholas did not return for his daughter Source: Unsplash

But very coldly and without anger, Page asked him, “What do you want daddy

And to answer Nicholas with a smile on his face: “I wanted to see you and Grandma Doris, honey. I miss you so much …

As soon as he finished speaking, his mother came to the room. Much like Page, Doris was cool with the young wind and asked her son, “Nicholas, what do you want?

So Nicholas replied mercilessly: “I wanted to see my family. I was hoping for a warm welcome!

Nicholas learns that Page is married and takes Doris to live with him Source: Unsplash

But his enthusiasm and recklessness made Page even colder. And he said to her dryly:You left me, Dad. Are you expecting heat?

Faced with his daughter’s adversity, Nicholas sought his mother’s support: “Mom?

He added: “It wasn’t me … Donna … she insisted. He said he would leave me …


The latter answered, and to ask him a question: “

But you are alone here. Does that mean Donna has run out of money?

Without answering his mother’s question, Nicholas saw with bitterness and jealousy what he had lost and boldly said: “You certainly don’t stop badly! I thought you could do something for me … I’m unemployed and struggling …

Nicholas is shocked to see Page’s house Source: Unsplash

Paige then replied with fear, “I’m surprised Dad, you have the courage to ask us something. We needed you the most when you left us, but we got it. Now, thanks to my husband, we have everything we need

To justify himself, Nicholas added: “I’m still your father

Page tells him, “You are nothing to me

That’s when he grabbed his grandmother’s hand. And although Doris felt sorry for her son, she said nothing. And Page added, “But for Grandma Doris, I’m going to help you.

So he went to the Louis XV desk and unlocked the drawer. He took out a set of keys to the room and put some money in an envelope. He handed it all over to his father and said:These are the keys to the old house. The envelope contains 5,000. Don’t assume you’ll get a penny more, so don’t bother coming back

Nicholas old house key and $ 5,000 | Source: Unsplash

Knowing that the scene had hurt his grandmother, Page put his hand on her shoulder and drove her out of the house. A few seconds later, Nicholas was thrown out of the palace by a maid.

After he left, Nicholas looked forward to his daughter’s vast estate. But instead of apologizing for his mistake, he kept telling himself that he had done the right thing: “I did what I had to do. People do not understand how much I have suffered? There is no gratitude in this world …

What can we learn from this story?

  • Selfish people do not care about the happiness of others, Only them. Nicholas did not hesitate to leave his family for as long as he wanted.
  • You get what you pay for. Nicholas hoped to contribute to his daughter’s prosperity and he was quite surprised. But thanks to the innate kindness of Page and Doris, he got more than he deserved: a roof over his head.

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