ALÈS Michel Sala and the New Popular Union have gathered at the Espace Cazot to the left and 200 people.

Michelle Sala on stage. Irene LeBeau in the foreground, in a checkered shirt (Photo by Francois Desmeurs / Objective Guard)

The rebel is a member of France and has invested in Irene LeBeau as an alternative to the New Popular, Ecological and Social Union (NUPES), with the mayor of Saint-Felix-de-Palaires siding with the population affected by the shelling. Arrangement of new general programs.

With the exception of a few local meetings of less prestigious election, it has not been commonly seen in recent years, as this Friday evening at Alice’s Space Cajot, almost all elements of the Allecian left are sitting side by side on the platform stimulus, if it exceeds 200, Chairs had to be added before starting.

To conclude, forming a V between the index and middle fingers, Michelle Salah said that, after the others, she was glad to see all the forces behind the Nupes banner coming together. He said he was aware “Heartbreaking” What could happen as a result of withdrawal of candidature “Which may be normal”, Like Sylvain Andre, the communist mayor of Sendras in this same 5th district. The mayor of Saint-Felix-de-Palaires – in which he recalled the mines that polluted the region for decades – outlined his career, “Trade unionists in the banking sector for 40 years” And advise local authorities in this regard. “I am aware of moving from municipal affairs and heritage management to a completely different function.”The candidate slipped, before his will was emphasized “Restore legislation”A popular initiative is the introduction, establishment and control of referendums “A Strict Definition of the Privilege of the President of the Republic”. Promises to keep “Implement urgently needed social and environmental reforms”Welcome that Nupes already has mobility “It has succeeded in eliminating xenophobic outbidding from the election campaign and bringing to the fore the social and climate emergency.”For which 300 proposals will be unveiled at the national level this weekend.

Patrick Malaviel, Mayor and Vice President of the Department of La Grande Comb (Photo FD / OG)

“Put population interests above our smaller political parties”

For months the working class has been telling us to unite, Sylvain Andre introduced the speaker. We are here, with Michelle and Irene, to win the legislative election. A General features of Highlighting, Passing, PC and KNUPS programs: “Retirement at full age 60 years, minimum wage 1,400, price suspended”Etc. La Grande Combe Mayor Patrick Malavile calls on workers and leaders “Put population interests above our smaller political parties” And called on them as an elected official “Hang on to each claim for its territory: when we speak of health, we must keep in mind the disadvantages of the Ales Hospital Center and the Pontelles-at-Bresis; When we talk about public service, we must stop perceiving it. “Etc.

Arnaud Board Supports Michelle Sala, Leader of Guard PS and 4th Constituency Union Candidate (Photo FD / OG)

Green Benjamin Disunink, the withdrawn candidate has also been called “All environmentalists must actively participate in this campaign.”When Sébastien Espagne, from Génération (s), mentioned that his movement was formed “So that elements of the left and environmentalists talk to each other”. Socialist Anthony Alarcon criticized the elephants in his party “Those who are very wrong”Recalls that the Left, has been in the National Assembly for the last five years “About 80% of the votes cast were unanimous.”, In the 5th and 2nd constituencies, thanking Martin Dellard and Katie Guyot for their withdrawal. A withdrawal that is not justifiable, in both cases. Before leaving, congratulations: “We turn Manuel Valls and the incoherent left page. And Holland Page, which began with the hate of money to seize the law and nationality. ” “I found my left, Added, in the echo, the Arnaud Board, the PS candidate of the Union in the 4th District. The progressive camp is just to the left. The first federal addict to retire from office, ridicule “Not right or left” Emanuel Macron’s team.

Finally, Irene LeBeau, Michelle Salar’s deputy, and the mayor of Dorbiz, a trade unionist at the National Forestry Office in her professional life, expressed her sensitivity to environmental issues and the importance of agricultural land in this constituency. “Our job is to engage with the decision.”He introduced a formula that included both his alternatives and the role of sympathizers.

Franোয়াois Desmeurs

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