Enforcement rights in child custody: Is Emanuel Macron’s promise realistic?

In response to the concerns of young parents, Emmanuel Macron made this promise during the presidential campaign:“Child custody is an enforceable right”.

“No one should leave their job because they have decided to start a family, and no one should be left behind in any way because there is no clear childcare solution. That’s why, for all children under the age of 3, we have an enforceable right to child care.” Going to install “Emanuel Macron, reassured April 24, was reassured during a speech broadcast on YouTube March 30.

This process must take the form of a financial incentive from the state “Municipalities to open places in Cr কche, to create network of childminders”. In the absence “Solution” For the benefit of parents, direct assistance must be granted “Families that find themselves without a possible solution”. This right will be guaranteed.

The President of the Republic noted the absence “At the national level [de] 200,000 custody solution “. “Finding a place in a cr কche, looking for maternal support is obviously a source of a lot of stress. It’s a daily stress for parents. This is a stress for future parents, who sometimes give up their projects.He commented.

A letter to the family association

The promise appears in a letter dated April 6, addressing the Family Association, that Family folder Collected.

Exclusive Document “Family File”

Meanwhile, in his inaugural address to the Congress of the Federation of Solidarity Actors on January 6, Emmanuel Macron called for its establishment.“A real right to child care as a result of an individual or collective mode of reception for all parents, including compensation in the absence of a solution.”.

A report contains a recommendation

The president of the republic accepted a recommendation made by sociologist Julien Damon and business leader Crystal Heidemann in a report submitted to several members of the government in September 2021.

“The right of parents to receive a standard solution for the reception and socialization of their child in different situations can be embodied while they are working or looking for a job.”Two authors explain, calling for a construction “Gradually ramp up”.

For Julien Damon and Crystal Heidemann, “It simply came to our notice then. It is then a question of gradually moving from one year of age to an applicable right to a mode of reception, always leaving the possibility of parental leave, without compensation or less compensation (for example, it will be wrong again)..

The implementation of opposition laws is risky against the lack of manpower. “In the next ten years, 50% of childminders will retire, and there is no inheritance. France is mentioned with Inter Marie-Andr ব্ল Blanc, who presides over the National Union of Family Associations (UNF). And then obviously, the pay scale is effective. A

The example of Germany

On March 22, the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (Cese) adopted an opinion entitled “Towards a Public Child Care Service”.

Seized by the Prime Minister on this issue, the Consultative Assembly felt the need to draw inspiration from Germany, where “Political” Allowed to double “In ten years” Of “Housing capacity” Of “Country”. According to him, it is necessary “Respond to emergencies”Is Recruit, expand the offer, combine elements specifically about the remaining dependents, to make the free choice a reality, ensure the quality of the reception and ensure its inclusion in the global context. “.

“If such a right were to be established, would it be a ban on administrative authority? Can suffixes contribute to a fund used to finance the creation of new places? Will this lead to compensation for the loss of a child, a family? A, Cese asked. The project that the future government will have to implement will be long and complicated.

The promises made by Nicolas Sarkozy before the 2007 presidential election are not new, at this point. Gazette of Commune evokes a “Sea snake” Public debate. The absence of child care solutions for single mothers creates a break in employment.

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