Hautes-Pyrenees. Montgillard School students received by Emanuel Macron at Elysee Palace

As part of their school trip to Paris, President Emmanuel Macron welcomed Montgillard School students to the Elysee Palace. An unforgettable memory.

This is a school trip on the theme “Culture and Citizenship” that eighteen students in CM1 and CM2 classes at a small village school in Montgillard should not forget.

Arriving in Paris on Monday after a somewhat busy journey (the Tarbes-Paris night train was canceled at the last minute), the young schoolgirls were able to rely on a program devised by their school director to take full advantage of the location. Less exceptional. With the Eiffel Tower, the Opera Garnier, the Louvre and even the National Assembly, Jean-Bernard Sempastas, deputy of the Hauts-Pyrenees, had every opportunity to dive into history for these young citizens. At the heart of France’s cultural heritage and even state institutions.

Elysee Palace in the final bouquet

A reception in the courtyard of the Elysee by Bryce Blandel, a former prefect of the Hautes-Pyrénées.
DDM – Victoria Telek

With the final bouquet, there was little hope for the Elysees tour and their unexpected, but meeting with Emanuel Macron.
“It simply came to our notice then. At best, we expected to visit Elysee, “said Guillaume Danzuk, the school’s director. Some schoolchildren also expressed hope for Emanuel Macron, who arrived in Montgillard in late April. That is, if the children are impatient. From their arrival at the main courtyard of the Elysee Palace, then to the discovery of these chambers, they were fascinated by the beauty but also the seriousness of the places where many important pages of French history were written. Like a warm welcome by the staff very close to the head of state.

Group photo of school children with President Emanuel Macron.

Group photo of schoolgirls with President Emanuel Macron.
DDM – Victoria Telek

The excitement was already at its height when, in the middle of the children’s breakfast, the President of the Republic came to greet them under the tricolor glass roof of the winter garden. Frightened at first, they were comforted by Emanuel Macron, apparently also inspired by the arrival of the children in the village of his heart. “Is it hard to be president? Ask a child. It’s busy but exciting,” he replied. “How does it feel to win?” Asked another. “Waiting,” he said. “My grandfather told me he didn’t vote for you,” said a girl. Asked in turn. Then, after a series of questions on international issues, the little jelly brings a touch of tenderness. “I was born on December 21st, too,” she sighed in embarrassment.

“You will embrace Pyrenees”

“You’re going to actually kiss Pyrenees for me back,” Emmanuel Macron introduced to the children, before returning to his office, precisely, “an international phone call”. We will never know.

Emmanuel Macron told the kids to kiss his pyrenees.

Emmanuel Macron told the kids to kiss his pyrenees.
DDM – Victoria Telek

Children will have an unforgettable memory of their specialized afternoon in the official saloon of Elysee and its 600m2 gram hall, which saw the investment of Emanuel Macron in particular, but also its winter garden and its various fairs.
Back in Hautes-Pyrénées, kids still can’t believe it. “It still seems unrealistic to them,” the school principal observed. They will have a full weekend to talk about it as a family and will have a lot to tell their classmates when they return to school on Monday.

Montgillard schoolchildren had the right to sit at the Council of Ministers table.  Maybe there is a future prime minister among them?

Montgillard schoolchildren had the right to sit at the Council of Ministers table. Maybe there is a future prime minister among them?
DDM – Victoria Telek

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