“Nathalie wanted to live independently”, mother of 4 victimized by her ex-partner

Nathali, 33, was killed on May 8, 2022 by his ex-wife and father of four children. He was stabbed in front of his home in Grazio-la-Varene, west Lyon. Today, her sister Marlene is looking forward to taking care of her nephews. The vessel of solidarity has been introduced.

In a photo chosen by her family to portray Solidarity Kitty, Nathalie looks like a little ray of sunshine, her sweetly colored locks framing her face and her eyes shining. “It was a family celebration, at the Chateau du Vivier in Aculi. It was a beautiful day. It was a great day.” Lady said, the young woman’s cousin. But the words struggle to come out. Less than a week ago, Nathali was still smiling at life.
The young woman died last Sunday after being stabbed outside her home in Grazio-la-Varene by her ex-partner and father of four children. Natalie was 33 years old. Despite the pain of the loss, Lady and her sister Kelly wanted to pay tribute to their young cousin and especially “Children’s thoughts”.

Nathali was the mother of a 13-year-old boy and three daughters aged 10, 6 and 4. Active mother Working in a school environment. “She loved children, cared for others. The word generosity that identified her”, His cousin believes Lady. The time of mourning has not yet come, the young woman is torn between anger, loneliness and wonder. “Head in the fog”, She is still struggling to cope with the tragedy that has befallen her family. Nathali plans. “Two hours before he died, we were exchanging messages. We were having a birthday party for his mother and my father. He was happy about it.” Her cousin says she has trouble talking about the past. “She wanted to live independently.”He adds.

Did his relatives know about his suffering and violence? “Natalie was always discreet about what was happening to her. She was very dignified. She was very balanced. She didn’t want to be merciful.” Reassures his cousin.

The couple had been separated for several weeks. Nathalie even filed a complaint against her ex-partner. The girl was later banned from going. He is scheduled to be arraigned next August. On Sunday, May 8, unimaginable things happened. She He died of his injuries despite the intervention of emergency services warned by local residents. DHorrific count of homicides: Nathali is one of 40 victims recorded since the beginning of 2022. Today his relatives are overwhelmed and above all angry.

“Things have to move. My cousin filed a complaint. He had a serious alarm phone. But in his case it wasn’t enough.” Laments the young woman. “It’s not enough to listen, we must take action to help these women who are warning.” He adds that for Lady, arrangements are needed “Tougher to fight violence and homicide.” Nathalie’s two cousins ​​and her friends joined We All Collective. Today, they want to come together to pay tribute to the memory of the victim, but also to prevent such tragedies from happening again. A white march should be organized soon in Nathali’s memory and to convey this message..

Sadly, Lady and Kelly wanted to do something. The two sisters took the initiative to communicate with the solidarity platform “Relatives La Patra”.

“We thought of appealing for your solidarity, for his funeral so that he could be honored as such. Due “ Write the victim’s relatives on the site. It was launched on May 11, a few days after the death of the young mother. This online kitty Has collected one thousand euros.

Why did you choose this site? An-Sophie Rotoria, co-founder of the platform, offers an explanation: “People who contact us are often looking for alternative pools. Common pools, even if they include a solidarity element, are more associated with the idea of ​​a gift.” This is not the first time that the site has spoken of a vessel related to the loss of a loved one: funding a funeral, supporting the family of the deceased, or honoring his or her memory.

Between the two Sister The source of the method and the founder of the site, the current has passed. “We were looking for something that would suit us, which was right for us. We were sensitive to this kitty because of the security, support and listening of their services.” Lady explains. “Bills can be paid directly by Cognote and can be used to open bank accounts for surplus children. If necessary, money can also be released to help Marlene meet the children’s expenses.”Lydia explains.

First, the kitty opened for Natalie will be used primarily to pay for the young woman’s funeral. Funerals that are not yet on the agenda, because the case is still ongoing.

What will happen to Nathali’s four children? “Children have no mothers and their fathers are in prison now. It is important to take care of children today.” Lydia summary. The siblings are still undecided on their fate and are waiting to see if their aunt Marlene will be able to take them home. Children after tragic events Supported and She has taken refuge in the Women-Mother-Children Hospital (HFME) in Bron.

Marlen, it is Sister From Natalie. She is now determined to fight for four children. Also a mother, the young professional hairdresser lives in Leon. This solidarity kitty will help him financiallyCover the cost of installing children in its place “, Both wrote Sister At the heart of the solidarity initiative.

Their destiny is crystal today Anxiety Mourning families who were reunited after the tragedy. “It’s inconceivable to separate the kids. We want to honor what their mother wanted for them: a healthy and stable home. I think Marilyn has shoulders and she’s surrounded.”, Lady assured. But it isIt must decide that justice.

In addition to this solidarity kitty, another, more common one was introduced on the lychee platform by two friends of Nathalie and her sister Marlene.

“Marlene and her mother are surrounded by their family and friends who try their best to help them, but we’re afraid it won’t be enough. We, Nathalie and Marlene’s friends, try to support them as much as we can and help them Let’s get rid of it. ”

This Friday, May 13, this litchi pot has already collected more than 9000 euros.

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