The candidate is pregnant with her second child

Its candidate Angels, Barbara Moon is pregnant with her second child. On Instagram, the young woman has announced good news for her customers, including an adorable photo of her baby bump.

Shanna Cress: Pregnant with twins for IVF?

You know, Shanna Cress and Jonathan Matijas are going to be parents for the first time soon. A couple of reality TV candidates are preparing to welcome not one, but two children. In fact, Shanna is pregnant with twins. This good news has given way to many rumors on social networks.

In fact, after the announcement, many people suspected that Shanna and Jonathan Matizas had resorted to IVF to conceive twins. The influential quickly ends his hallway noise on his social network. “The little ‘villains’ have tried to spread rumors … ridiculous, but there is room for doubt if I don’t say anything, so I like to be clear. No my darling and I have not had IVF or any other precedent for conceiving our twins. All that is more normal. A

Unfortunately, this development has also annoyed people who have gone through this journey for reproduction. Jonathan Matizas then apologized in the story. “My goal was to dispel the baseless rumors but not to deny the opportunity to give life or have children in any way through IVF or any other possible means. Sorry with all my heart. A

Barbara Moon is pregnant with her second child.

Maddie Bursiaga: Candidate has decided to give birth to her first child in Dubai

Maddie Bursiaga and Benjamin Samat are also expecting their first child. Pair of Marseilles In a few months a baby boy will be welcomed. And, with internet users blaming influential people for returning to France just to give birth, Maddie has decided to give birth to her son in Dubai.

The only problem is that his delivery is scheduled for September. In other words, the candidate has to endure the crushing heat of Dubai for 8 months of pregnancy. “The concern here is when it’s hot, it’s so hot (…) that we can’t stay outside. The stairs are off, the beach, let’s not even talk about it, it’s impossible to walk in the sand and water, it’s a jacuzzi. So it’s pleasant. No and nothing to do “ Explained the future mother on her social networks.

However, that did not stop her from giving birth in the UAE. He added: “Without me, with my pregnancy, logically, I should be back in Dubai in early August, so how can I tell you that in the eight months of pregnancy, in Dubai with 150 ° cans… it’s going to be nice! (…) But all of a sudden, it’s true Since I have decided to give birth here, I should go back a little earlier to stay there if the baby is seen first.

Nabila Vargara: She explained why she was born in France

Speaking of childbirth, Nabila Vargara will soon give birth to her second child. Also, we still don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy. Surprise sure!

On the other hand, what is certain is that, unlike Maddie Bursiagar, whose pregnancy is complicated, she plans to give birth again in France. And especially in Paris, for the birth of her son Milan. On his social networks, the reality TV candidate (whose monthly rent for his villa in Dubai has been published) explained the choice.

“I’m telling you the truth, that’s why I’m going to Paris, this is my grandmother, she can come and see me. She will be able to stay with me for a few weeks, at most. My father is also coming, he is in Geneva so he is getting on the train. My Mao, who is in Dubai and Geneva. These people are very important to me and it is difficult to bring them to Dubai. ” In confusion with his brother, he declared the girl ‘injured’.

Barbara Lun: Its candidate Angels Pregnant with her second child

Today, another reality TV candidate’s turn to announce her second pregnancy. In fact, the former candidate said Angels Announced the good news on his Instagram account. This is it Barbara Moon.

The singer, already the mother of a young boy named Esteban, is pregnant again. In the caption of one of her photos, embracing her partner, the future mother writes: “Nico and I are happy to announce soon that the family is growing up – Esteban is going to be a big brother! A

Her post comments – more than 20,000 likes – have received many congratulatory messages from Barbara Julia Peredes, Jonathan Matizas and Shanna Cress, but also from singer Juliet Morin. Congratulations to the little family!

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