The horrors of war from a child’s perspective

We are in a beautiful place, under the sun, on the shores of the Lower, the magnificent Chatto de Chambord. But the period does not encourage joy, as the film took place in 1942. And it presents us with a group of six Jewish children, most of whom are orphans, who go into hiding in the castle and try later. Join Free France through the forest, where they will live for a while.

The horrors of war and the recklessness of this band of Holocaust children were confronted. This is the project Brave heartIn partnership with franceinfo, and produced by Mona Aceh:

“How do you tell children to fight, show, through their eyes, to place themselves at their height? To discover all their light, the height of their soul, and to place it in parallel with the terror of war, but this is a movie for them.”

Mona is coming, director Md

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“My grandmother was also a hidden child, Continue filmmaker, And when he told me all about his journey, when I was a child, I was marked by the dilemma of his feelings. He helped me recover from the horrors of war, but I also saw the rise of his innocence and freedom. Before the barbarism, before the discovery of the larger historical context, it was its short history.

T.The young actors in the film are very fair and beloved, an act when you know that letting the kids play well, which is more together, is often a challenge:

“We shot the film in chronological order, which is quite rare, and I constantly try to inspire myself to go back and grow spontaneously to what they can feel, feel, all spontaneously. The screenplay was an essential anchor point for their escape.

But then, what happened to the team, the way they had to react to their fears, but these moments of freedom and carelessness, their wild life in the forest, their spontaneity made it impossible to distance themselves. Speed. “

And Camille Coutin, the actress who played the main character in the film, is also amazing from beginning to end.

In a completely different style, we are now interested in another film, Nitram, Which takes us to Australia. A feature film directed by Justin Cargill based on Martin’s story, which was in the Cannes competition last year. (Behind “Nitaram”) Bryant, a young terrorist who killed 35 people in 1996 in an attack on Port Arthur, an island state off the coast of South Australia.

His performances will not be filmed, the film ends just before, and precisely he is interested in the life of the killer before the tragedy: a young lonely, tortured, treated mental patient who, according to the meeting, will further increase his anger.

In the title role, American actor Caleb Landry Jones, winner of an Explanation Award for Ear, remarkable:

“At first I didn’t know if I could do it. I was scared, I was afraid of failing. But after meeting Justin and screenwriter Shawn, I said: ‘OK, let’s go.’

And if the film does not avoid some complacency or certain clumsiness, then the method is not distasteful and at least visually, Nitram Quite successful.

And since we decided to mix styles this week to have something for everyone, the third and final tip of the week is Northman Directed by Robert Egars of Britain, who has already signed on for the weirdest and most notable films. Witch And LighthouseAnd which here adapts to a Scandinavian legend, which later inspired Shakespeare.

Or the story of a Viking of the 11th century, the son of a king, who witnesses the murder of his father and flees to sea with a promise of revenge, and who returns 20 years later, to become a bloodthirsty warrior.

You see, we’re in the midst of revenge and a barbaric image, the image is very violent, spectacular, often significant on an aesthetic level, even if we have a little headache two hours later. In the cast, we find Alexander Sassgard, Nicole Kidman, Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafo, Anya Taylor-Joy, or Icelandic singer Bazark.

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