True Lies Reboot has officially ordered the series on CBS

A television series based on a film by Arnold Schwarzenegger Really lies The network advanced to CBS early last year after placing a series order behind a paid pilot. After a long delay, the pilot was originally scheduled to land on a potential new show last year, but has since returned this year. Starring Steve Howe and Ginger Gonzaga as Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis, respectively, the series will reboot the story and rework the original plot.

In the 1994 film, Arnold Schwarzenegger played a man who looked like an ordinary husband, but secretly an international spy behind the face of an office worker. Throughout the film, his conspiracies and life of danger spread throughout his family life as his wife, looking for some excitement, became involved in his latest case. In essence, it looks like the series will rise to where the movie left off. It reads:

“A disgruntled suburban housewife (Ginger Gonzaga) is shocked to discover that her humble, extraordinary computer consultant husband (Steve Howe) is a trained international spy. When they are hired to work with him to save the world as they try to revive their emotionless marriage, he is led to a life of danger and adventure. A

The character description gives more details about the True Lies series

In addition to the updated summary, more details about the two main characters have also been published. The first is Ginger Gonzaga Helen, “Harry’s wife, mother of two teenagers, and a linguistics teacher who stays away from home because of Harry’s constant business trips. Increasingly angry, she feels she has taken away the life she envisioned for herself.” Delighted when Harry invites her to Paris, Helen is shocked when she sees a very different side of her husband, knowing that he is, in fact, a world-class spy.

In addition, Harry’s character information states that he was “a gentle, cautious, seemingly risk-averse computer salesman and a devoted family man, married with two children.” But in reality, Harry is an undercover agent, a first-class spy who works for a secret U.S. intelligence agency. A

Really lies A movie that was always for a sequel and at one point it seemed to follow. However, over the years, the actors have done the same thing, and it seemed Really lies It was meant to be a standalone movie that was never really a franchise. Although the new series is a reboot instead of a live sequel, there is enough connection with the original film to make sure new and old fans can find something to like on the show.

Really lies One of the new series for CBS, with Land of Fire, Eastern New York And So Todd help me, All of which were ordered yesterday. While these new shows are a welcome addition to the network, fans of Reboot Magnum IP And United States AI I was disappointed to know that two fans were favorites among the canceled ones.

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