A leading couple on the brink of divorce? “A point of no return” …

Marriage at first sight Offers a thrilling sixth season like the previous ones Thus, although fans of the M6 ​​program often have reason to criticize candidates and their attitudes, they cannot help but have a choice. In fact, it is difficult to follow a program without engaging with some candidates. And the most beloved candidates are often those who form couples who have a future.

Then we immediately think of Alicia and Bruno’s couple, Pauline and Damien or even Emily and Frederick. But this is the last oneObjeko Just quoting you which worries the fans Marriage at first sight. True, they still do not care about all the fans. But those who can watch an episode of the Thanksgiving program in advance for the Salto platform are already wary. The couple, who seem to have made a great start, are apparently going through a very exciting moment.

Marriage at first sight We were not surprised

Longtime fans of the program know that the M6’s editing is done not only to strengthen the scenes but also to highlight the distracting elements. Indeed, how can the public be enthusiastic about the adventures of these unfamiliar couples without a skilful edit that allows each episode to end in a suspense note? Objeko Granted, a hit TV show can’t be any other way. Therefore, it should not be forgotten Marriage at first sight Can save surprises for us until the last moment. Thus, although M6 offers an exciting teaser for next Monday’s May 16 episode, our colleagues Tele-leisure Say that when they discovered the episode in Salto, they weren’t ready to see Emily and Frederick isolated from each other.

In the M6 ​​teaser, it is possible to discover that Emily and Frederick flew in for their honeymoon. They are still shy of each other. But determined to get to know each other and more if there is friendship. And precisely, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Therefore, the public Marriage at first sight There was every reason to believe that this couple was one of those who would survive.

But now those who discover the next episode fall from above Salto’s advance.

An upcoming disaster for this flagship couple of events?

On the web, Internet users are frustrated. Without elaborating to clarify the issue, many of them deny Emily’s attitude and say that she will always be able to participate. Mother and Famous In TFX, this is probably what he really wanted. Strict talk but car Objeko You can’t tell if they’re fair. Especially from this couple Marriage at first sight, Emily and Frederick, their recent live on Instagram still seemed tough. Will all this try to cover the track to maintain suspense? Do we believe that this couple will go through an ordeal from which they will not be able to recover?

In addition to these few disgusting comments, these are the speeches present in our colleagues’ columns. Tele-leisure Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation Marriage at first sight. In fact, it was time for them to discover a new episode of the program in Salto. And they formally, Emily and Frederick have water in the gas. First, a violent argument between them on the evening of their honeymoon in Prague. For all the sensitivity questions …

“Before Freak went to sleep, he got up to do a pretty funny dance. And I said to him: ‘Do you really stay that way all the time?’ Maybe I came across as cold or judge? So he’s not happy. He’s angry because he’s sensitive., Explained Emily. For Frederick, it is possible to tell him to the camera Marriage at first sight She never imagined her last night in Prague. Finally, the public will be able to see Emily confirm: “It’s really a point of no return. I want to stop. “ But can a dance and an awkward comment be the source of so much excitement? It will work.

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