Dead child’s father condemns Sarkar, “Olivia Veran does nothing”

For weeks, months, even years, scandals have been added to the agricultural diet. Thus, more and more, consumers are losing confidence in the supermarket. Indeed, all product families are affected by extensive product withdrawals throughout France. So, who can we trust? There is a value in privileging productivity over quality and there are consequences on the health of consumers. Eating pizza is proof with the death of a little boy Buitoni. But what is the government doing to prevent such tragic events from happening again? Three months after his son’s death, the head of the family, Johann, feels that politicians have not strictly endorsed the company, which belongs to this group. Nestle. Let him know!

Pizza case Buitoni : The family’s father, Olivia Veran, points the finger at inaction

As a reminder, pizza scandal Buitoni Of the brand Fresh ‘up Arrived just before the chocolate Kinder. These desserts were withdrawn from sale during the Easter holidays. Looking back at the frozen pizzas, they e. E. coli was infected with bacteria. A total of 56 people became toxic after consuming these products.

In batches, many children have become anxious and sick. Especially Nathan, an 8-year-old boy. Unfortunately, on the night of 17th to 18th February, about fifteen days after eating the product, he died and the situation got much worse for him. What is the Nestle Group doing in this whole incident? And what is the government, especially the health minister doing? Obviously, not too much according to the father of the family.

The father felt very guilty

Despite the tragedy, the father of the slain child was kind enough to say a few words to the channel’s reporters. RMC. “Initially, I was really guilty because I fed my son, I gave him this pizza and I thought I was killing my son. I, I made a baby to take care of it, so that it does not die at the age of 8 years. It’s been 18 February since my baby left, every day I find strength to get up, but it’s not easy. “The father of the victim explained Buitoni.

Why the government is not taking action on pizza Buitoni ?

Of course, frozen pizza is contaminated Buitoni A mass product recall was the subject. Thus, it is usually impossible for customers on supermarket shelves to return to this product. But, for Nathan’s father, the mourning has just begun and he expects a response from the government. “Today we are in a country where children are dying because the industrialists are not following the rules and we are not doing anything.”He explained.

Referring to the health minister, he added: “Mr Veran does nothing. We are all waiting for him to speak up and stop moving, banning manufacturers who do not respect the rules. We need to take a stand so that strong action is taken and this does not happen again. ” Also, we would like to remind you that Nestl গ্রুপ Group has received a number of complaints Homicide “,” Involuntary injury “And” Cheating on a product হিসাবে As part of the case BuitoniIn addition, a new complaint has been filed against Buitoni On the range Bella Naples. It is also infected by E.coli bacteria. So, are we really going to boycott the brand? Follow the suit!

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