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Posted on May 15, 2022

From left to right: Charlotte Carlyle, Reception Agent, David Touchery, Coordinator, Nathalie Freux, Reception Agent, Anna Belek, Digital Adviser, Patrice Le Penhuizik, President of Questembart Community, and Joel Mathurin, Morbihan’s Prefect

On Friday afternoon, Joel Mathurin, the prefect of Morbihan, officially inaugurated the Space France service on the premises of the Questembart community.

Patrice Le Penhuizic, president of Questembert Communauté, first thanked the prefect for his presence at the inauguration of “a local public service that we are proud to be able to carry.” And the president of the Questembert community asks the question: “How do we meet the needs of our population, which is so far away from major government service providers? “These are the questions that led to the creation of the Space France service. A space created six months ago and which has already welcomed about 1,300 people, is proof that this new community service answers the president’s question.

The Espace France service has been hijacked by three agents who support people who have difficulty with certain administrative procedures, but also those who stay away from computer tools. “How can we support these residents so that they get back a certain and guaranteed autonomy for this digital transformation?” Do we, the first link of local authorities and residents, offer feedback to this population? Here, at Questembert Communauté, we chose to create a job as a digital consultant. Introduction: Offering individual and collective workshops to better understand computer tools, and gradually, the digital divide, explained Patrice Le Penhuizic, who concluded his speech with the words: “These new challenges are driving a real debate and our reflection, Our work nurtures the core issues of the public service, its role, its mission, its values, which are always based on the common interest in a practical rationale for population service. These values ​​drive us! I’m doing.

The prefect has the following “reduced digital divide”

“This place, as you mentioned, is an essential link between the President and the provision of public services in the heart of a rural and peri-urban area. It makes it possible to fight regional inequality and it responds to a strong will expressed by the President of the Republic in April 2019, who wanted us to be able to establish an Space France service in every canton. At Morbihan we now have about twenty space France services. And finally, you have underlined it, Mr. Chairman, this is the reduction of digital segmentation, where there is the possibility of tools, Internet access. But not satisfied with that, we also worked to ensure that state-funded digital advisors could be in place.[..]

This is because there is a specific purpose in terms of quality and it is a specific purpose to verify and control for which we report to the highest authorities of the state who follow it closely. [..] I would like to congratulate you on your arrival, thank you for your commitment, sincerely congratulate the agents who have enlivened this space, and we can see it through the experience of returning to us beyond the reach of service and operators. On a daily basis, it is also for a certain number of our fellow citizens who may experience a situation of loneliness, especially for the elderly, a social bond that is created in these Espace France services.

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