She has been fired for childcare disability

A super heavy driver from the comedy company, a Port-La-Nouvelle-based road carrier, received a letter on April 29 dismissing him for “real and serious reasons.” A procedure associated with the April 12 absence, to honor an emergency medical appointment for her 6-year-old son.

One month, exactly, this is April 12th, “What happened naturally”Louis Tip To an unlikely extent. The 30-year-old super-heavy driver of the Port-Nouvelle-based road transport company Comedy (Cammons du Midi) begins his day“Between 5am and 6am.” . In the program, a tour, and two deliveries took him to Herald in particular. One morning when he received a call from his wife, who told him of an unexpected event: “He had just been called by an orthopedist to warn him that a slot had been found for my son that afternoon.” A 6-year-old child, suffering from spastic tetraparesis, paralysis of four limbs after a stroke that occurred during pregnancy, requires heavy medical follow-up between a physiotherapist, ortho, occupational therapist. Also, this April 12, an appointment for a mechanical splint at Polystress is given at 2 pm:

“We had already made an appointment at the hospital for the measurement, but it did not work out. I had to attend.” An obvious urgency. A“Important Meeting” Luke then mentions his operations manager, whom he calls at the end of the morning to warn him, before returning to the depot at 12:30 pm: “I finished the scheduled day, but in the afternoon, we are on stand-by for an unscheduled delivery. There was a 3rd delivery, but they were able to find another driver, and the operations manager allowed me to leave the premises. 13 Wednesday to Friday 15 April before taking advantage of the three-day holiday P.-O. Indicate. Where the weird soap opera begins:

“The postwoman rang, she had a registered letter acknowledging receipt.” A letter from his employer on 13 April informs him of his impending retrenchment and an upcoming invitation for an interview before a possible dismissal. Short message, which is stimulating “Importance of alleged information” Trimming fairness. But without mentioning the reason: “My wife asked me what happened, and I told her the day went well. I didn’t really see what I could be blamed for.” He will have to wait until April 25 and be charged for an interview with company chief Michelle Forres. “Unreasonable absence” And one“Resignation”

, Related to her departure for her son’s medical appointment. On April 29, the post was newly registered with AR, delivered by a woman. A letter dated 28 April, this time informing him of his dismissal“For real and serious reasons.” , With one month’s notice, specifically mentioning that the April 12 absence, without the operations manager’s agreement, reassuring the manager, punished the company. A two-page letter, where the president of the company mentioned, among other things, “A lot” Immediate absence (two, editor’s note): The date is April 13,Louis specifies . But I was usually on vacation, and in addition the trimming began. It’s paid today “Half” Louis sees the deadline approaching. But with the strong support of CGT, which shows multiple translations in this method “Harmful Climate” And a “Management by Terror”

Within the company (**). So it is an industrial tribunal move that will take the driver, who joined Aude 14 months ago. Apply in turn for unjust dismissal.

The first name to guess. (**) This Friday, May 13 telephone request was made, Comedy replied that it did not want to be contacted on the matter.It is with a particular view that Ludovic Brunet, the CGT representative of the comedy, dismisses the driver’s file for his absence one afternoon, during which he had to honor a medical appointment for his son. 6 years old, disabled. In April 2021, a representative of this union was elected in 2018 with 160 employees in the company (divided between the headquarters of La Nouvelle and P.O., divided into RevSaltes), a subsidiary of the transport giant group Charles Andre, even himself. Pruning issue, before dismissal. One method was finally canceled. A year later Ludwich wants to see the history of brunette Louis

Multiple proofs

“Climate of Terror: They Call People to Anything” . Three graduates in six weeks A feeling illustrated by starting the last three dismissal procedures “In six weeks” : One for another“Not wearing so-called personal protective equipment, when cameras and evidence prove otherwise”

; Or this thanks driver

“Because a customer, whom he has delivered twice, no one wants to see him again without knowing why.” .Cascading resignation

There are two examples for which, just like for Louis, there is CGT “A process has begun with Proud’s Holmes. Each time, it is considered that these dismissals are degrading. For this last case, the extremes of inhumanity have been crossed. We sent a letter of protest nine days ago, we are waiting. I’ll give you a lawyer, and we’ll probably go back to the brief. “ . And develop a critique of working conditions “Insulted” Mentions“Cascading resignation. I came back to comedy in 2001, everyone was fighting for entry. Today, everyone wants to leave: in 4 years, about forty old people, who were at least 15 years old in the box, have left. And they add trimming.

A policy that union representatives struggle to understand, recalls “hard to find drivers today”.

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