“We have a complete, coherent and adapted project to please the Corsicans.”

– Why did you decide to run in the Assembly elections?
– It is a logical continuation of many years of commitment to the service of others, first in a collaborative environment, then in the field and especially in the service of Corsica. However, there is no point in working on the results, if we want to improve the situation, we must work on the causes.

– What is the primary issue in this election for you and RN?
– It’s vital for Corsica! My person takes second place. All the economic indicators of the country are in red: 10 million poor, 6 million unemployed and 4 million poor households. Moreover, deleting the model of our civilization worries me. Violence exists everywhere, if we do not act, the word honor will soon disappear from the dictionary. The traditional political class has a heavy responsibility, just as the nationalists have betrayed their promise to serve the Corsica for the benefit of a new generation.

– With every presidential election since 2012, the wave of Marine Le Pen has been flowing over Corsica, yet there has never been an RN MP. Has the situation changed today?
– Since 2015, there has been virtually no normal activities of national gatherings on the island. Since the end of 2020, we have restructured the federation and we are working. Marine scores in Corsica also reflect RN’s strong activity across the island. We have a complete, coherent and adapted project to make the Corsicans happy.

– Eric Jemur has an impressive score in Corsica. RN has rejected the alliance at the national level, what will happen at the local level? Do you feel benefited by his support?
– We have a good relationship with Olivier Batistini, the manager of Reconquête en Corse, but there are also differences that we need to overcome in the future. They are competitors, not rivals.

– Laurent Marcanzelli’s dazzling candidacy, which will be hard to lose, won’t stop the election in Ajaccio?
– After taking the oath that only the city of Ajaccio made him interested and pleased, Laurent Marquezli showed Jean-Jacques Ferrara and everyone else that friendship does not exist in politics. His ambition is not to become a deputy, but to participate in Macron’s government. If his ambitions are legitimate, then his way of acting with his friends is less. While he supports the Franco / German couple’s policy, which leads us directly to the economic wall, it must be said that another policy based on the re-industrialization of France and localism is possible. Today, the report is terrible for Marcangeli’s friends, accusing Germany of balancing its foreign trade with 228 billion euros and France with a deficit of 80 billion euros. We are the couple’s turkey, to put it mildly পক্ষে for me, I’m running for victory. I am going to appeal to the voters in April who believed in us and to prove to them that another policy is possible.

– Who did you choose as an alternative?
– Mrs. Arian Natalie, a dynamic, smiling and charming woman, a retired public relations executive, who has been a housewife for 20 years raising her 3 children.

– What are you campaigning for? National? Local?
– The two of them walk hand in hand. Locally, Corsica must be given a definite way to deal with issues related to island values, waste issues, inheritance rights, access to land, prospects for our youth and our seniors. We have a complete project considering all these areas.

– Marine Le Pen campaigns to defend purchasing power. You spoke out against pension reform. Which system do you think is most important?
– Pension reform is cruel and deeply unjust, as is the fate of our pensioners. Our steps will restore their purchasing power so that they can live with dignity after working for so many years. It is not a right, but a duty that we have towards our elders in all cases.

– What are the local arrangements that you will protect?
– France Zone, which will allow Corsican companies to fight unfair competition from posted workers, thanks to a tax system adapted to Corsican when promoting local recruitment. This will allow young people from the first week to build their business without being overwhelmed. This will eventually allow traders, artisans, liberal professions to breathe economically and use the money not taken from them to modernize, rent, buy walls if they have the funds. The possibilities are many. We will also protect all national measures that have a significant impact on Corsica, such as reforming inheritance laws or reducing VAT on basic necessities, including gas, electricity and fuel, by 5.5%.

– What is your position on the discussion on autonomy opened by Emanuel Macron?
– We have more powerful ways to control decentralization. The path to autonomy with the power to legislate is a step towards independence. Wheeler-dealer and mafia-like environment should make some people think.

– Do you think you are in the 2nd round?
– Yes! The Corsicans sent a message to the entire political class in April. They want to be respected, protected and live in peace on a prosperous island. This means that the proposal for reconciliation with our organizations does not have to be confronted anymore

– What would be your priority as a Corsican MP if elected?

– Proposing a law against monopolies, which effectively fights mafia excesses and porosity with some elected officials. Corsica deserves much better than the current situation.

Interview by Nicole Mari.

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