Interview – Luan (philosophy): “I really like the idea of ​​playing with a baby”

This Monday, May 16, the mini-series begins Philosophy In TF1. Louane, who is an actress as well as her singing career, has played one of the leading roles in this fiction. On the occasion of this news, he agreed to be confident

Contrary to what anyone thought, Luan did not He never gave up in his acting career. Claimant, sincere but above all true to himself, who revealed Aries family Sometimes there was Reject the role where he did not find himself. Her character in Visions, however, spoke to her immediately. In this new fiction, aired on TF1 this Monday, May 16th, Florian Rossi’s companion borrowed his features. Sarah, a young psychologist who will form a special bond with a young child named Diego. During the episode, a connection, at least, will be established between these two characters. Before taking to the streets again for his visit, Luan agreed to be confident What touched you as Sarah’s character?

Luane : It is above all interaction with the character Diego (played by Leon Dureix, editor’s note). I never played with a baby and it was something that kept me interested. I love children, people know, I really love children! I love them in life, but also in public, when I give concerts. The idea of ​​playing with a baby appealed to me a lot from the beginning. Is sharing a poster with a child more complicated?

Luane : Since I’ve only worked with one child, I can’t really judge. But for Leon, he’s a genius, he’s impressive. You should know that this little boy has nothing to do with the character he played in the series. He’s a kid who’s running everywhere, very sociable, extroverted. He gave so much that it was easy for me. It was easier than some of the adults I’ve shot in my life …


Co Francois Lefebvre / TF1Luan (as Sarah) with Leon Dureix (who plays Diego) in the “Visions” series aired on TF1. How did you prepare for this role?

Luane : I have an instructor, Katherine Chevalier, who helps me with all the films I have made since my second year. Other than that, I had a little talk with my little sister that is in Psycho. He’s not shrinking yet, but in making, so we’ve talked a lot about the psychological side of things. We feel a strong sensitivity in your character, but also a feeling of empathy. How does Sarah fit you?

Luane : I have very little in common with him except the great sensitivity and empathy I imagine. Surely I am a very sensitive person. For sympathy, I think I am quite a sympathetic person. It seems that the actors have played a part in their roles. What do we get in this character?

Luane : I think it’s really true that I love children, in this character you have found me the most. Otherwise, I’m still very different from Sara. Of course, we all have neuroses and trauma, but my character is much less extroverted than I am in life. You can even see it in his behavior, he is very calm, very mature, very secure, the complete opposite of me! (Laughter)

In the series, Luan (who plays Sarah) and Leon Dureix (who plays Diego)
Co Francois Lefebvre / TF1Luan (who plays Sarah) and Leon Dureix (who plays Diego) in the “Visions” series aired on TF1. You are a singer and an actress. Why do we rarely see you on television or in the movies?

Luane : I don’t do a tour very much, although I like it, but it’s because I have to touch if I want to go to a project. And it is quite rare. For once, this story really touched me. And then I saw Akim Iscar’s film, Nobody’s Child, which was a single on French television and which completely overwhelmed me. So the desire to work with him also awakened me. Let’s continue your career as a singer … Your last two albums Diamond and Platinum Disc were certified. How was your reaction to this news?

Luane : It’s really incredible. This is madness. I’m glad to see how it’s evolving … no more words, I’m glad! The title “Aimer à mort”, which you wrote and composed with your partner, has been certified gold. A symbol for both of you, I imagine …

Luane : It’s very special, because it’s the first song with my boyfriend (Florian Rossi, editor’s note) so inevitably, it’s symbolic. Seeing that she touches people so much, it can only touch me too. And, at the same time, this song is full of truth because it talks about love and what I can feel at that time. I am fascinated by the path he has taken. You’ve just started a new tour. Are you in the mood

Luane : I’m in extreme panic because I’m scared, I haven’t been on stage in almost four years, and at the same time, I’m really looking forward to it. There is nothing in the world that turns me on, except my daughter! In my life, there are two things that really interest me: my family and getting on stage. The rest is something I really like, but it doesn’t matter to me. This tour is called “Louane en couleurs”. What should we understand in line?

Luane : Then I will say only one thing about this. The title of the re-release was Joie de vivre en couleurs, the tour is Louane en couleurs, and is related to the next album. But you never know …

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