Kids Chard: “My first […]”

Ancient Egypt

My first bird of prey,
My second rat male,
I have a third loaf of bread,
My fourth double “one”,
Everything I have is often found in Egypt.
Answer: Pyramid (magpie – rat – crumb – two).

A place of culture

We got my first sleep,
My second donkey’s cry,
My third is a Japanese-made serial,
Everything I have is a shop.
Answer: Library (Bed – Bray – Rice).

Children’s favorite character

One of my first parents,
On my second day we get gifts,
Everything about me is character.
Answer: Father Christmas (Santa Claus).

The story of the shoe

My 1st leg hurts,
My 2nd one card deal,
The beginning of my 3rd rhinoceros – pharyngitis,
Everything I have is where the pump is repaired.
Answer: shoemaking (cor-donne-rhi).

An Italian dish

My 1st is a feminine adjective,
My second one is window glass,
My 3rd has become a bird little by little,
My everything is a very good pasta.
Answer: macaroni (ma-carreau-ni)

A playground

My first start of a ball,
My second is not fast,
Following my third day,
Everything moves me.
Answer: swing (ba – slow – evening).

A superhero

Not my first high,
My second is a letter of the alphabet,
My third Englishman,
Everything about me is a movie picture.
Answer: Batman.

One charade after another

My first animal,
My second is an animal hunted by the first,
My third one number,
I guess everything.
Answer: charade (cat – rat – two).

An architectural work

In my first sentence,
I don’t have a second dress,
My third truth is not telling,
A totally great job for me.
Answer: Monument (Total – Nu – Ment).

Holy pirate!

My first bird,
My second one is a big mouse
I love everything boat.
Answer: Pirates (Magpies – Rats)

A clever charade

My first is an animal that lives in nature.
My second is an animal that lives on the farm.
Men always want everything I have.
Answer: Brain (deer – calf)

Good to save!

Not my first ugly.
My second one is on a ship, we store the goods there.
My everything is a container.
Answer: Jar (beautiful – wedge)

A charade of fruit

My first question.
My second one confirmation.
Everything about me is a foreign fruit.
Answer: Kiwi (Who? – Yes!)

Tight clothing

My first same color.
My second is not weak.
My third one is moo.
Everything I wear is clothing.
Answer: Uniform (Uni – Strong – Mu)

It’s a sting!

My first hard reverse.
My second one is about someone who is not in a hurry.
Everything I have is a sauce.
Answer: Mustard (mustard)

An aquatic flower

My first is a body part.
My second dressed opposite.
My third is the light used by the car to illuminate.
All I have is a plant where frogs rest.
Answer: Water lily (nose – empty – lighthouse)

Animal-themed “My First Is” charades

King of the Jungle

Let my first birds fly,
My second is a coordinate connection,
My third little deer,
All I have is an animal that never deceives its earth!
Answer: Elephant (wing – and – sister).

A marine animal

My first chat,
When served at the beginning of a meal, my second one is out of it,
I have a head and eight arms.
Answer: Octopus (pie-oeuvre)

A cattle like no other

My first one is a little striped,
My second one is a little bearded,
All I have is humped beef.
Answer: zebu (ze-bu).

Animals standing on one leg

My first burning
My second is not telling the truth,
My third spade,
I have beautiful birds.
Answer: pink flamingo (flame-ment-pink).

An insect that likes apples

My first result is.
My second one is a music note.
For carrying my third water.
My whole is a very short verse.
Answer: Worms (worms – mid-bucket)

We see double!

May be my first drunk.
My second is in one sentence.
Two people look the same to me.
Answer: Twins (juice – words)

Chared’s hostility

The first letter of my first “hello”.
I don’t mean second.
My third pain.
All I have is a living creature that all children love.
Answer: Animals (a – ni- bad)

A letter from my first alphabet.
My second where the train comes from.
I mean the third “The beginning
My everything is a slow little creature that climbs everywhere.
Answer: Snails (s – station – go)

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