Pregnant with her 13th child, find out what she gets in family allowances, it’s impressive

Cheryl Prime is a mother who has no one else. She has twelve children and is pregnant with her thirteenth child. Gossipers believe there is a financial reason behind her multiple child births. In fact, these young women receive substantial family allowances from social services Despite being teased by some people, he keeps his head high and is not afraid.

Large families have not been so appropriately named

When you live like that, you are the victim of the wrath of the haters. Many find it difficult to understand his life choices. The large family was never properly named after Cheryl Prudham. Who would have thought that there are twelve children in the house, we can still think of having one more?

She’s used to being single, she doesn’t think anything of being single out. The significant amount of money that this housewife receives from social services allows her to take care of her reach. She has thirteen children and the benefits do not allow her to work.

Cheryl Prime and Lee Bell soon formed a mixed family of fifteen members. They live on the other side of the channel, but we will see them participate in the TF1 program titled “Big Family, Life in XXL”.


Cheryl Prime always wanted to have a big family. Although his wish has come true, he now has to face the gossip and crowds of the social media community. In fact, many internet users do not digest the fact that they get a wonderful amount of money every month and at the end of each year without working.

On the web, there are also people who have launched a petition asking the state to suspend social assistance for this family. The mother of the family remained indifferent in the face of these attacks. He explained that he had not listened to people’s opinions for a long time.

13 children of 3 different fathers

Like all mixed families, Cheryl Prudam had an outstanding journey He had thirteen children, all from three different fathers. Her first twelve children are also the result of her previous relationship. There were six during her first marriage and six more during her second marriage.

There are two twins in the last six. The father of his thirteenth child must be Lee Bell, his current companion. She became pregnant a few months after meeting him. History does not tell us whether these thirteen children will end. At least we can say that Lee Bell does not lack courage. Being the head of a large family brings with it a heavy responsibility.

In addition to these, they face daily criticism from Internet users and the people around them because they live exclusively on state subsidies. None of them work.

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They are both charming. They have dedicated their lives to educating their children. This is why Internet users feel they are building a business with their children. As unbelievable as it may seem, this family receives a family allowance of about € 47,000. This is equivalent to the income of an executive.

Family Allowance: An impressive amount

Cheryl Prudham is a 34 year old girl. The eldest of her children is 17 years old. The € 47,000 social support he receives allows him to meet the needs of his family. There is enough for them that they have chosen not to work.

With these family allowances, families can even go on vacation and carry luxury items. The birth of the youngest will bring them 83 834 more per year. They will also have a হ 4,000 tax deduction.

It is understandable to see people jumping up when they hear about the amount of aid that the state is giving them. Nevertheless, those who have one or more children in the household may be relative by imagining work that represents twelve or thirteen in the household. We can only imagine the stress and fatigue that it brings in his daily life.

“I’m addicted to kids. I want to get one as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter, I can take as many kids as I want. The social benefits that I get from the state were created for this purpose. Why can’t I take advantage of it properly?” ? “Explained Cheryl Prudham.

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