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At the center of the concern is a waste reduction policy M2A

Cité du Réemploi, a strong player in m2A waste prevention policy

Since 2013, waste prevention has been an integral part of the Mulhouse Conversion Pledge. In line with its climate plan, m2A’s waste policy aims to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as support the local and circular economy. As part of the first Local Waste Prevention Program (PLP), the issue of recycling was already at the center of all concerns and significantly gave birth to Cité du Réemploi by the end of 2021.

Although a second PLP dedicated to resource conservation and the fight against waste was established in 2020, recycling has taken a more important place, becoming a major focus. This is the line M2A has chosen to support local players for reuse in a dedicated space during Mulhouse’s Foir’Expo.

Transforming, recovering and treating products before they become waste is the sole purpose of the service for which I am responsible. ,

Elodie Passat explains, Director of Ecological and Climate Transition at Mulhouse Conurbation. ” The goal is to divert the product and, if possible, give it a second or third life. In this case, the question of recycling is essential. Buying differently is inherent in human conscience. We wanted to create a really favorable environment so that everyone could take advantage of these different ways of eating, hence the idea of ​​launching recyclable stores at Foyer’s Expo.

Recycle Shops: Dedicate space for recycling at Mulhouse's Foyer's Expo - remove and decorate items
The art of removing objects and decorating

12 local exhibitors, recycling specialists

In just one month, a team dedicated entirely to the project has worked hard to keep it alive. And to find reusable enthusiasts willing to intervene for the occasion, Dorothy Dumartier, an assistant at Kingsheim, provided invaluable assistance. Whether they transform, embellish, or distort objects, he chooses actors who blend each of them with beauty in their own way, with no new privacy. Throughout the duration of the event, it will be possible to find these 12 exhibitors with different specialties, a summary of which is given here.

Jarby creation, the art of recycling

Recycle Shops: Dedicated Space for Reuse at Mulhouse's Foyer's Expo - An Zemb Zarbi Creations
Reuse the newspaper

Over the years, Anne Zemb has made newsprint her collaborator. It’s with her, but also with homemade pigments and glue made from flour, that she makes busts, lamps and other chicken sculptures on her feet. He made the recycling of materials his philosophy and said that he “Can’t do otherwise“Rather than work with what he has, give life to his work.

The magic of time, timeless jewelry

Recycle Shops: Dedicated Space for Reuse at Mulhouse's Foyer's Expo - Jewelry Made in Desi Temps
Made jewelry from old watches

From the watch process to jewelry, there is only one step. And that’s exactly what Marion Seeler decided to do with the magic of time. From old mechanical or pocket watches, he made all kinds of jewelry. For earrings, necklaces and even bottles of wine, the corks create a treasure trove of creations, making it as breathtaking as it is amazing.

I always like antiques and can’t stand to see what people are capable of throwing away. So 5 years ago, I decided to combine my passion for the flea market with the watch mechanism to start making jewelry.

LeFALA, a repair cafe like no other

Reuse stores: Dedicated space for reuse at Mulhouse's Foyer's Expo - Kinggarsheim's Fablab working with others
Repair together and share knowledge

To do with others (lefala), to repair together is watchword. Located in Kingsheim, this eco-friendly fablab promotes recycling and knowledge sharing. The public can go there to repair their broken devices, with the help of site staff.

The goal is not just to collect your objects, but to learn together
Volunteer at the FLA, Robert Macuba, says.

Lionel Gagnex or Bottled Music

Reuse stores: Dedicated space at Mulhouse's Foyer's Expo - Lionel Gagnex gas cylinders turned into musical instruments

Converting a gas cylinder into a musical instrument is an incredible adventure started by Lionel Gagnex. With the help of a simple tuner and its reliable gas cylinder, it took only 48 hours to build the first prototype. Within a short time, several music therapists became interested in his specialty, which led him to recover large quantities of raw materials.

I could have bought new material, but I like to keep recycling gas cylinders to have a positive effect on the planet. Especially since the bottles I use are not necessarily refundable. So their destiny has been to hang around or, worse, to be thrown into the wild.

Useful information:

  • Presence of recycling shops at the Foyer Expo until May 21 at the Mulhouse’s Park Des Exposition.
  • Hours: 10am – 8pm
  • Price: € 5 for adults, € 10 for family tickets (2 parents + 3 children under 25), free for children under 15 with one adult.
  • Getting around: Tram access (line 1 stop “Musée de l’Auto”) or bus (line C5 stop “Cité Wagner”) is preferred because of the reduced size of the car park.

Full list of exhibitors:

  • Beauty Workshop
  • Relais Est Second-hand clothing, Collection
  • Unknown creation
  • Recyclable
  • Art by Mag
  • City of recycling
  • Lephala
  • Mutual Aid Affairs
  • Lionel Gagnex
  • Olivia Charpentier
  • Jean-Michel Reese
  • The magic of time

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