Sense shot at police: “If I had pulled out my weapon, I wouldn’t be here on earth today.”

“I was shot like a rabbit […]He was waiting for someone to come and shoot him. “This Monday morning, May 16, 2022, the second day of Jeremy Picard’s trial, an assassination attempt was made on a police officer in Sense in September 2018, according to a judge testifying before a judge. Gave.

“She started noticing me.”

Everything happened very quickly, during this intervention for the possession of weapons, a priority. Reaching the front door of Jeremy Picard’s room n ° 17, on the second floor of the building, the chief officer of the column quickly detected an unusual situation. Prohibition “Open! Police!”, No response and especially no answer. “Seeing the sound of water flowing, there was someone inside. I tried to open it myself with the key given by the person in charge of the Red Cross, but there was resistance and there was something that was not normal.”

Premium Sensei police firing: Attempted murder trial resumes this Monday in front of the Eunice Assassin’s Creed.

After three knocks on the door, behind which the furniture was placed, policeman saw Jeremy Picard in the bathroom on the right. “What caught my attention was the shotgun-type long weapon in his hand. When I tell my colleagues he’s armed, he starts noticing me.”

He was calm and cool. Appearance with a determination, unequivocally. He knew exactly what he was doing. She doesn’t seem to be in trouble or she wants to end her life.

Crazy shots. A first ball goes through the partition near the housing door. Within a fraction of a second, police return to the hallway, to the next room (where a woman was also arrested without incident) and to a shared bathroom. “Right now we’re working by instinct. I wasn’t in the right position to take my weapon off and ask him to drop it. If I had done that, I certainly wouldn’t be on this earth today. Today,” the officer continued. . For him, “there is no doubt” that Jeremy Picard wanted to kill him.

For me, these are not scary shots. These are shots taken from the height of a man, who wants to hit the man. All shots have a simple purpose: to hit or kill.

Once in the hallway, the officer, this time with a weapon in hand, and in a retreat position, saw a bullet pass a few centimeters to his left and end his path with a wooden rod on the wall. The other shots follow through the partition and the bedroom door, which is closed. Then the smell of gasoline and smoke.

A “traumatic” incident for the police

“I didn’t let the panic go away. As soon as the operation was over I began to realize what we were just going through. We weren’t ready for it. It’s painful, we always revive that scene. We stay in it, we talk about it over and over again.” I dream. ” For the policeman, the consequences would be catastrophic for his life, both as a couple and at the medical level: “We were considering having a second child, but for me, giving birth to a child was unthinkable that I risked leaving. Only. […] From the incident, I have an incident of tinnitus in one ear, following a shot. It’s tiring. And every day, it reminds me of September 19, 2018. “

Will continue. Other police officers who took part in the intervention on Monday, May 16, 2018 will be heard today, Monday, May 16, 2018. Then it is the turn of the expert psychologist. The trial is set to continue until Wednesday, May 18.

Thomas Ribier

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