The Air and Space School is offering a new specialized master: “Defense and Security in Space”.

Over the years, space has experienced particularly significant improvements, with applications in everyday life (telecommunications, navigation and positioning, bank transfers, earth observation, etc.) or military operations. This strong growth is not without raising security questions.

In partnership with the Air and Space School (EAE), Space Command (CDE), the National Center for Space Studies (CNES) and the National Office for Studies and Research Aerospace (ONERA), you have a specialized master. ” Defense and security in space (MS DefSiS). This high-level dual training (BAC + 6) will allow graduates open to both civilian and military, and international, to reinforce an unexpected skill in space and security.

A major military and aviation school also focuses on space, with the Air and Space School (EAE) training all officers of the Air and Space Force. About 700 officers are trained every year. A truly commanding school, it prepares future military leaders to be able to practice in national territories and in operation theaters with a deep sense of prudence and responsibility.

A major commanding school, the Air and Space School is “a public establishment of the Grand Establishment type (EPSCP-GE) scientific, cultural and professional nature.”

The Air and Space School develops:

  • Leadership ability Essential for holding a first job in a working environment: Restraint and ability for reflection, rigor, sense of responsibility, availability, perseverance, strong personality and taste of action;
  • Ability to work in a team;
  • Values ​​mean: respect, honesty, sense of service and excellence.

The Master of “Defense and Security in Space” aims to train civilian and military officials with an integrated approach to the protection of space systems in civilian or defense space operations.

The skills developed within the framework of MS® DefSiS will allow special privileged access to analysis and consultation between firms related to the operation and use of industrial, government agencies or civilian space systems, and the military to their level of security.

These skills can be used especially in the context of research or development of a space program, in the implementation and operational use of a space system or even in the analysis, prevention, observation or crisis management.

Thanks to this excellent training, graduates will be able to:

  • Integrate mission design and security levels into the use of civilian or military space systems;
  • To set up an analysis of the risks, vulnerabilities and threats of missions across the chains of a space system;
  • Analyze the spatial situation from the available data to identify the complexity of the situation and explain the abnormal behavior;
  • Proposing solutions within the framework of a defensive strategy;
  • To advise and contribute to decision making in the civilian and politico-military fields of space operations.

Supported by reputable organizations, industry and start-ups, the training draws on the skills of many professionals as well as teachers at the School of Air and Space to provide a dynamic program combining theoretical contributions, active and innovative pedagogy. Serious gamingPerception of a group project carried out throughout the situation, simulation, as well as training. The program will include numerous visits to operational sites, space systems and industrial sites.

The program targets French or international students or professionals with degrees in a variety of subjects: aeronautical engineering, computer science or science, but also political science, law, economics or management.

Recognized by Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, this special master’s is open to students with BAC + 5 level or BAC + 3 level where they have professional experience. This training in English is divided into seven modules representing a total volume of 450 hours. Extensive spectrum of themes.

At the end of the theoretical training, 4 to 6 months professional thesis will also be a special opportunity for the trainees to be exposed to the space environment. They will be employed in industrial establishments and organizations or partner organizations. They will be able to exchange with professionals about business and potential opportunities. Start-ups, along with big names in the French and European aerospace industries, have already expressed their interest in hosting interns and graduates.

LawEThe Air and Space School is Europe’s leading military aeronautical and aerospace school that guarantees excellence in training airman officers, enabling tomorrow’s fighters to “analyze in complexity, make decisions in uncertainty, work in adversity.”

Strongly committed to the integration of new fields, such as the cyber world and space, it confirms its ambition to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Open to the outside world, constantly developing its research, technology and innovation, it is at the center of industry and research.

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