The Carcept Prive Foundation Awards focus on innovation

Here, an agent is placed over the skeleton which will protect him from lower back pain. There, a long-distance driver launched his app to identify healthy sleep times. Have we entered the age of truck drivers and augmented logistics agents? It’s possible! Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence, Digital … Innovation is actually at the heart of the economy in a quality work quality (QVT) service. From 2020, Previous to Carcept FoundationA player in the transport branch Collective Social Security Group Klésia is pushing for initiatives through its “Health and Wellness in the Workplace” awards.

“Our goal is simple: to identify new innovative solutions in terms of QVT, to develop a sector that is actually facing difficulties in this area, but which is taking steps to transform itself.Patricia Enchuindzang, Innovation and Customer Experience Project Manager at Klesia Social Protection Group, of which Carcept Prev is a part. Stress management, sleep effects, muscular dystrophy, nutritional support, encouragement to practice physical activity, addiction … the field of intervention is huge! The only requirement: a positive effect on the specific needs of transport professionals has certainly been demonstrated.

Innovation, the vector of wellness

During the first edition of the Carcept Prev Foundation Awards in 2020, the people of Lille Japet Medical Their thanks reached the first stage of the stage exoskeleton. The startup, which combines robotics and medicine, offers a solution to end back pain where the road and logistics professions are particularly open. The silver medal went Mood work, Inventor of a digital solution that allows employees to self-assess their mental health and, if necessary, benefit from psychological monitoring. ” The equipment has been adapted to the world of transportation to run a test with one thousand driversSays Patricia Enchwindzang.

Nananap It also drew the attention of a committee of experts by allowing it to improve its software Sleep quality. Within hours of stagnation, its multiple responses to outdoor lights, sleep disorders, and health are actually a big problem for the community. The device, designed by startups, uses electrical stimulation to optimize sleep stages. Outcome: Improved cognitive ability and increased road alerts.

How to apply?

This is possible from May 11 Apply online, June 30, 2022. Once upon a time Once submitted, the file falls into the hands of a committee of experts, who will focus beyond the QVT dimension, focusing on the performance, attractiveness, and impact of the solution on the company’s human capital components. Other important criteria include ease of implementation, ingenuity for the transport and logistics industries. But also dimensions in terms of resources and technology used Of general interest in the subject Prevention and inclusion. “QVT represents an attractive lever for the attractiveness and sustainability of our sector, which must respond to today’s generational renewal and inclusion challenges.” Innovation reports to the project manager, citing ongoing feminization of the profession as an example. The winners will be announced in September 2022. The prize and its three prizes of € 7,500 (gold), € 5,000 (silver) and € 2,500 (bronze) will be presented at a ceremony in the fall.

The winning innovations will then be tested on client companies as part of the Foundation’s “Transportation-Vos Beyonc” program. A white paper on QVT in transport is also planned, to address all these initiatives.

So for those who want to promote QWL in the transportation and logistics sectors, take note: “All startups and all social entrepreneurs who Implemented health and wellness solutions in the workplace Reproductive applications can apply in the transportation and logistics sectorsPatricia Nchuindjang concludes.

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