Top 10 people who sue their families for incredible reasons

Even if, for many, a lawyer is considered a sex worker, we rarely want to deal with them in court. And what we want is to face trial against our own family, especially since it’s a bit of a stain after Christmas dinner. However, assaulting your family in court happens every day in the world, often not for very good reasons. And sometimes the reasons are incredible and unreasonable, so it’s a little more fun. And we have fun here. To split pears, even.

1. They are suing their son for not giving them a grandson

Indian parents simply demand 6 650,000 in compensation from their son who pays for their education because they did not have children. We are the ultimate boss of those respectable parents who think we owe them a legacy that they want one. In the end, it has grandparents who are really drunk for them if you don’t really want to have children.

2. Her parents dumped her porn video, she won the case against them

The story apparently took place in the United States, the place where the most stupid experiments on the planet took place. The divorced man in his forties returned to live with his parents before leaving again and realized that he had lost some things: 12 boxes of porn DVDs as well as a collection of magazines (of course their porn). Her parents told her that they had given up everything for her own good, but she did not want to hear anything and preferred to file a complaint. As a result, Darwin had to pay $ 75,000 for the move. It has been an excellent collection

3. India: She is suing her parents for giving birth to her

So yes, we are tempted to blame our parents for bringing us into the world when we don’t like our lives very much and it seems very difficult to live with the reality. Only, we usually refrain from sending them before the judge and we prefer to discuss it quietly by compressing it. But, in 2019, a 27-year-old Indian chose to take a hard line and filed a complaint against her parents because they did not ask her opinion before giving birth to her. Nevertheless, he claims to have a very healthy relationship with them. It would still be strange to have a family meal environment.

4. London: She takes her parents to court to be given child support for life

In many countries, parents have to adjust their children’s needs and education until they have a majority, which is quite normal. But a 41-year-old Englishman has a slightly different view of the matter: According to him, his parents must provide him with child support for life. It should still be noted that the man pays his parents in an apartment in London who support his bills. Maybe at some point – not wanting to pass for the tutors – the man should take matters into his own hands. That’s exactly what we say.

5. Her parents posted pictures of her childhood on Facebook, she sues them

Many of us have embarrassing parents who post pictures of our files on Facebook without consulting us beforehand. It’s very annoying, but it usually doesn’t go beyond a small argument. But here we are working with a young Austrian whose parents have posted more than 500 pictures – some of which are very embarrassing – online. The girl learned of the killings at the age of 14, the day she created her Facebook account, and tried unsuccessfully to remove all their footage. Believing that they had ruined a part of his life by publishing it online, he filed a complaint against them. Honestly, we understand that.

6. Italy: Woman facing prison for not cleaning

Italy has some old things: the ones we like, such as ancient statues, ruins and grandparents who speak with their hands, and others that are a little less cool, like some of its laws. And there is one that punishes any housewife with 6 years in prison if she does not do housework. Based on this law a husband relied on his wife to sue because he felt that the management of his house had left something desirable. This is foolish because there is a practical thing called divorce when you are not happy with your relationship.

7. He did not clear: A divorced man has ordered his ex-wife to pay 6,400 euros

Let’s strike some balance with this story that happened in China. For once, it is a man who is truly punished by his ex-wife for not doing housework during their relationship. Knowing that he had to quit his job to take care of the family because he was not helping her, it is understandable, but we must admit that the method remains original.

8. Chinese man takes his wife to court to hide his ugliness

This story alone deserves a movie because it is so far away (yes, the word is strong, but it is true). It all started well, with a few Chinese who love each other and decide to have a child. Where it gets stuck when their child is born and she is ugly. The father is surprised: he is handsome, his wife is beautiful, so he does not see where the ugliness of the child comes from. But his wife reveals the truth to him: he underwent many cosmetic surgeries because his body was ugly. Upon learning this, the husband feels cheated and decides to sue his wife for divorce and compensation. Worst of all, he won his case and the woman had to pay him around 100,000 euros in compensation. Romanticism died that day.

9. A teenager has filed a lawsuit against his mother for confiscating his smartphone

When the mother of a 15-year-old Spanish teenager confiscated her cell phone for not working in class, the man had no better idea than to file a complaint against her. The allegation was accepted by the police (although they tried to argue with him), and suddenly the judge himself took the responsibility of returning the child to his place in court before congratulating the mother. That kind of story sounds great.

10. Her mother wins lotto and refuses to share jackpot, daughter takes FDJ to court

Let’s end with a news from home, because in France we also know how to file family lawsuits. Here, a woman who decided to take legal action because her mother, who won 9.5 million euros, shared the money with her brother and sister, but not with her. So yes, it doesn’t matter (lotto), but the mother has finally won her case, and the daughter has to pay 3000 euros to cover the legal costs. He has become even richer than before. Or even the poor, depending.

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