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Painting on walls like ceilings plays a major role in the decoration of a house. The association of colors, the play of shades and textures, can be cached in many customization rooms. But because it is not only the decoration of life, painting is a clever tool to fix the volume of a living room and make it a friendly place. How to use paint to form a house? We will tell you everything in this article!

Did you know that you can enlarge a small space or add volume to a mini bathroom with a few coats of paint? It’s possible and that’s not all! Using it properly and following a few simple tips, you have plenty of time to reshape and transform your interior. Can we tell you a little more?

Painting to make a house bigger

Paint a house to make 2022 bigger

Take the living room, for example. This is a house where we like to spend time relaxing. Moreover, it is a place where friends and family appreciate being at ease. If you have less space, there is an effective painting technique to give the living room a feeling of volume. This way, you can avoid the feeling of being constricted. To do this, choose light colors that will reflect light. More bold can opt for a satin or lacquered finish. A few brush strokes and you will have the impression of being pushed against the walls.

To limit a space

Painting to limit a space

Limiting two spaces in the same room is not always easy. With the help of zoning, the strategy is done. This allows you to limit a space with paint without partitions. In addition, it is an easy and inexpensive option to add a real touch to the originality of your space. In fact, it is a great way to bring color and brighten our homes To avoid spoiling anything, this technique lets you personalize your interior with paint, adapting to all surfaces.

Paint to limit a space 2022

It can be used to locate a cocooning office corner in a small studio as well as to define a kitchen in a family home. You can opt for a targeted micro-zoning on the desk or a larger version from floor to ceiling. In this case, the created area can accommodate a sleeping area or a comfortable reading corner. And for more character, furniture and radiators can be decorated with the same color as the walls. Not bad, is it?

Apparently expand your room with paint

Expand a house with paint 2022

Older homes have the advantage of having many smaller rooms. If this type of architecture was very popular at the time, as it made it possible to heat a limited space more quickly, the trend today is for open and spacious spaces. To bring width to a narrow living room, it is advisable to paint the back wall, the smallest, in a dark shade and choose light shades for the side walls. This technique will break the impression of the length of the cell and help to visually expand it.

Painting to make a room bigger

To give a feeling of space in a room, nothing like light or pastel colors. The most effective? Of course white! We will apply it on all walls and ceilings. Similarly, be sure to harmonize the floor with a light shade. In fact, timeless and always elegant, white and black work perfectly blended with woodwork to achieve modernity. In your living room or bedroom, choose light shades for the back walls so that they do not shrink. Add dark colors to the surrounding walls and your cocooning space will be even bigger. And this, without pushing the walls!

Color for ceiling 2022 enlargement

In a room with a very high ceiling, you can quickly feel uncomfortable. To visually lower the ceiling of a house, it is sufficient to draw a few centimeters along the entire upper part of the wall. Once painted in the same color as the roof, that feeling will go away.

Paint a ceiling light color 2022

Similarly, a light ceiling and a dark floor will immediately provide our inner height. By choosing less furniture, the impression will be enhanced. Sometimes, it’s enough to re-paint a volume just to deceive the eye. By dressing a base in a darker shade than the rest of the wall, it will give the whole feel even thinner.

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