Life Sciences | BioTwin wants to predict your health status

Quebec start-up Biotin is creating a digital twin concept that will make it possible to predict human health conditions. Biotech received 6. 6.6 million in investment to develop its unique technology.

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Isabel Dubey

Isabel Dubey
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With its future technology, Biotwin wants to eliminate this deadly phrase from our conversation: “It was discovered too late.” To do this, a team of founders and 25 employees came up with an idea inspired by NASA.

“The first example of a digital twin is Apollo 13,” said Louis-Philippe Noel, CEO and co-founder of BioTwin over the phone. “By having a duplicate of the ship on Earth, we have been able to solve the problem that was happening in space.”

If the concept of digital twin is used today in manufacturing and aviation for remotely monitoring machines and planes, Bioteven wants to apply it to humans. When the digital twin is developed, it will be able, among other things, to predict early detection of some cancers, changes in health and some disease conditions, as well as mimic treatment. Adapted for each patient.

Digital twin construction

The digital twin is created using blood, saliva and urine samples that are sent to biotween three times a week for sports training and nutrition tracking, and once a month for cancer, explains Louis-Philippe Noel. A biometric bracelet completes the data. “We need 5 to 10 samples to make a twin,” he says.

Dozens of companies around the world are currently working on the digital twin concept, but targeting a variety of applications.

Young Quebec’s patents focus on its unique analysis method that uses artificial intelligence for profiling. The diagnosis is always left to the doctor.

“If we take a satellite image of the forest, we see a lot of trees, depicting Louis-Philippe Noel.

“At BioTwin, we sample enough of our artificial intelligence to be able to recognize a profile,” he continued. Artificial intelligence does not want to detect biomarkers of ovarian cancer, for example, they have thousands. Rather, it means: This group is always present in case of ovarian cancer. A

Nutrition and Cancer Research Project

A first research project on nutrition optimization and healthy weight management was launched last March. The idea will be commercialized soon. A second research project will be launched in the summer, this time against cancer. We are targeting the pancreas, colorectal, lung, and potentially the ovaries, as they are the most difficult to identify. The goal is to locate them in stage 1.

BioTwin hopes to launch its service in the autumn to move forward with a request for approval from Health Canada. Louis-Philippe Noel argues that prevention and detection services will eventually be offered by various health professionals.

Louis-Philippe Noel, who was not in his first company, invested $ 500,000 out of his own pocket when Biotuin was created in 2019. Angel Investors, Desjardin Capital and Investment Quebec backed the young company for a total of 6 6.6 million.

“Quebec has a pool of talent and inventors who know how to use digital technology to improve health. Biotevin will contribute to the advancement of personalized and preventive drugs by allowing patients to better understand the need for artificial intelligence, ”said Pierre Fitzgerald, Minister of Economy and Innovation, in a press release announcing all financial support from Biotech.

“Export potential is huge,” Louis-Philippe told Noel The American healthcare market is interested in personalized and preventative medicine. We have a lot of demand in the United States. A

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