Nellie Bly vs. Phyllis Fogg. And the winner …

Nellie Bly, an American journalist, went missing 100 years ago. A colorful character very little known in our region. And this is despite his undeniable talent as a journalist. After all, despite the amazing bet this woman made in 1890 at the age of 25: to complete the single orbit of the earth in less than 80 days to break the record of Julius Verne’s hero Philias Fogg.

I opened my cap and wanted to shout at the crowd, because I’ve been around the world in 72 days, but I’m back in the country. (Nellie Bly)

When she was born on May 5, 1864 in Cochrane Mills (now a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), no one could have imagined that Elizabeth Jane Cochran, 13And The daughter of a Mill father from the Irish city of Londonderry, will leave an original trace in history. And less so that his father died when he was 6 years old, his mother’s income did not allow him, despite having a good education, he would have preferred to follow in university.Indiana Normal School (Which has since happenedUniversity of Pennsylvania) To be a teacher. The future looks bleak.

In 1880, Elizabeth was a determined young woman with no tongue in her pocket or pen in her drawer. That year, d Sent to Pittsburgh Publish an article with the title Good for girls (Young girls are good for what). We read there that the fate of these young women has all been mapped out: there is no question of them working – that is, the newspaper says. ” Monsters – They will give birth to children, be responsible for educating them and take care of their home. A similar social straightzack by Emperor William II in Germany: Kinder, Küche, Kirche (Children, kitchen and church). No question, even earning a living as a female companion.

Outraged at the tone of this text, which is so derogatory for women, Elizabeth writes, with her 16-year determination, a fatal response that she has signed Lonely orphan girl (Lonely orphan). Far from being angry, the recipient of the letter, George Madden, is its editor Sent to Pittsburgh, Is fascinated by the stimulus and style of this letter. He offered to hire the young woman as editor if he offered her an article that could be published in a newspaper column. Bank! A few days later, Elizabeth gives Madden an excellent text, Girl puzzle (Feminine puzzle), working on the need for reform of existing divorce laws.

Elizabeth is employed Sent to Pittsburgh. Traditionally for female collaborators, she adopted the pseudonym given to her by Madden: Nellie Blee, a name inspired by a popular song (Nellie Blee) by the late Stephen Foster, its author. Oops! Suzanne. Very quickly, he specialized in reporting work conditions. The sharpness of his vision and the quality of his writing boosted newspaper sales. Alas! For her, powerful local canary and factory executives pressured Madden to confine herself to a less punitive genre for her image and their business: Nellie Blick is destined for cultural and feminine history.

Intrusion into a mental shelter

A few years passed, and Nellie became increasingly frustrated at not being able to fulfill her desire for social reporting. In 1886, he spent 6 months in Mexico with Madonna’s contract, which was sent Sent to Pittsburgh Articles on the lives of Mexicans are rarely known in the United States and are the subject of many clichs. He frowned at the corruption of the authorities he described: he was expelled from the country. Strengthened by this experience and driven by an ambition completely justified by her talent, Nellie Bly moved to New York in 1887, where she hoped to be employed by one of the city’s major media outlets. Nonsense: No. New York Times Or New York Tribune Do not hire women!

Don’t think that Elizabeth, much more determined than before, is blocking New York World Which Joseph Pulitzer bought 4 years ago to turn it into a sensational newspaper whose front pages are featured with interesting headlines and clear color illustrations. Pulitzer agreed on the condition that Nellie Bly would star in The Undercover Crazy shelter for women On Blackwells Island (Nowadays Roosevelt Island) For a report based on living experience. Talented for writing, the young woman is also known for her comedy: After a night of false movement in a woman’s home where she never stops to make sure that ” His best friend is the tree trunk He was able to convince the police and doctors about his madness. She has been placed in a psychiatric asylum.

Was released with the intervention of a lawyer New York World After 10 days of captivity, Nellie Blee described the humiliating and humiliating conditions in which 1,600 residents of the facility were held, sometimes tied together like animals, and cared for at the rate of one doctor for every 100 patients. He even published a book, 10 days in a crazy house (10 days in a mental hospital) which caused a stir in American society and led to reforms in patient care. Nellie Bly is now a recognized professional. She is even the first woman journalist. Secret Media history. Other submerged reports will follow.

The highlight of Nellie Bly’s career has not yet arrived: in 1888, 15 years after the release of Jules Verne’s most famous novel, Orbiting the earth in 80 daysShe gets it in her head to go all over the world alone Break the record of Globetrotter Phileas Fogg. This project faces many obstacles. It comes up against the reluctance of the financiers New York World And the superstition of American society, sure that a young woman alone, is incapable of conducting such an unexpected and potentially dangerous adventure. Nellie holds firm: One year later, when her persistence was rewarded, she received a green light from her boss, on the condition that she regularly send news via telegram and post some reports to keep readers in suspense.

In boats, on trains, in balloons in hot air

সময় JPEG সময় at the time of her departure for the Nellie Blee World Tour. On November 14, 1889, Nellie Bly is wearing a dress and a coat; Given a simple travel bag, he traveled to Hoboken in a German liner Augusta-Victoria Bound for the purpose of Southampton. After England, he is in France, where he goes to interview Jules Verne at his home in Amiens. Then Italy, then Egypt. Ceylon, followed by Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Japan. And on the train from San Francisco to finish crossing the United States where Nellie got off the liner Oceanic From Yokohama. In all the towns served by the train, he was enthusiastically acclaimed by the crowd of fans amazed by his extraordinary achievement.

On January 25, 1890, Nellie Bly returned to Jersey City after a voyage. 40,070 Km covered, here by boat – he traveled 18 seas and oceans – there by train, even in a hot air balloon. All in record time for the time being 72 days 6 hours 11 minutes 14 seconds. 8 days less than Phileas Fogg and 3 less than the initial target set by the globetrotter. The welcome he received was victorious and gained worldwide fame. Confident of his journalist’s exceptional qualities and success, Dr. New York World The next day a Game of Thrones will be sold out depicting the stages of this extraordinary adventure. For Nellie, she published a book a few weeks after her return, describing the adventures of her journey: 72 days worldwide.

In 1895, Nellie Bly took drugs and alcohol, however, did not fall into the fall. She married Robert Seaman, an elderly industrialist, whose wealthy bossIron Clad Manufacturing Co., A company specialized in manufacturing metal containers. Her husband’s poor health forced Nellie to quit journalism to run the firm for which she had filed a patent, which she took control of her husband’s death in 1905. Under his direction, the working conditions of the workers improved, and their wages increased; It even provides employees with health insurance. Alas! After a massive embezzlement by a production manager in 1914, Nellie was forced to turn to the art page: she returned to journalism.

A few weeks later, Nellie Bly, professionally attracted by the fighting in Europe, became the first American war correspondent of World War I. He describes ” Epidemic trenches “It speaks to wounded soldiers, who starve, thousands die. After the conflict in the United States, he kept his resolve to support the militant status of the working class, the family and the electorate.”

Nellie Billy died of pneumonia on January 27, 1922. He was buried in a cemetery in the Bronx, New York.

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