Pavilion Best Fine: A place dedicated to the disabled in Saratoville

The Séraphine Pavilion is a place that promotes the inclusion of persons with disabilities in Sartreville (Evelyn).

It is a place of life, without laughter and difference. The Best Fine PavilionNew tools for this Sartreville Inaugurated May 14, for the campaign Inclusion Suffering people Disability On the terrain

Maison de la Petite Enfance, next to the building, located in Dispensary Park, pays homage to the painter in his name. Best Fine Louis Suffering from mental illness, the goal is to be a place open to all Families sartrouvilloises face any disability.

“We want everyone to feel good about their city,” said Gina Le Devenach, a municipal councilor in charge of disability. Here, it is a place of freedom for parents and children who will have plenty of time to express their emotions. A

Gina Le DevenachMunicipal councilor for the disabled

Mayor, Stone background Indicates that the City has “refined its comprehensive family policy to meet all needs. The family is the first level of education, we must find a way to build it up.”

For all the disabled and the whole family

Made by Health professionals Located mostly in Sertroville, and accessible to the Disability Commitment and Municipal Structures, the Serafine Pavilion is divided into four rooms: a. Media Library Adorned with adaptive games and a documentary collection for individuals and professionals; A Co-working space ; A Training room Where family and partners can talk; One piece Sensitive simulationFor children with adolescent and behavioral problems, organized in the Snoezelen method.

Accessible for the moment by appointment, except for free admission on Wednesday afternoon (via the city website or at 01 61 30 50 25), the slot will be longer when the pavilion opens at the end of the finale. Important.

“Talk groups with families, training to welcome children with disabilities and mental health first aid, adaptive sports sessions, creative and cultural workshops, but presentations are planned in addition to lessons from our partners in the coming weeks,” explained Maris Laviolet, Sartrouville local health contract coordinator and Head of the Department of Prevention, Health and Disability.

“The purpose of health professionals and associations is to organize outdoor activities and meetings to anchor this inclusion. A

Maryse Laviolet
The best pavilion consists of 4 rooms.
The best pavilion consists of 4 rooms. (© 78 News)

A city with disabilities

This achievement, which is part of the local health council, also echoes the system Embassy of AutismCreated in 2018, where “Working Groups enabled parents of autistic children and professionals working on this theme to communicate their real needs on a daily basis,” recalls Gina Le Devenach, then Ambassador as a teenager ৷ suffering from autism. Pavilion Serafine also shows the city’s involvement in disability issues.

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The Serafine Pavilion has a sensitive simulation room.
The Serafine Pavilion has a sensitive simulation room. (© 78 News)

With a total cost of € 91,223, the Séraphine Pavilion, formerly the Maternal and Child Protection Center (PMI), has received সহায়তা 31,000 in funding from the CAF, GMF, the City of Education, and the Rotary Club of Howles. বে 7,000 in Bezons-Certroville.

The Ile-de-France region should soon join this project to build a therapeutic and sensitive garden.

“Autism is a great regional cause of 2022, so we will be part of this new achievement.”

Alexandra DublanchRegional Vice President

“Working for people with disabilities means recognizing them as citizens,” stressed MP Yale Brown-Pivet.

Elodie Taillade

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