Rignac. Latifa Ibn Ziaten at the Andre-Jarlane conference on Thursday evening

Meeting Imad’s mother, the first victim of the terrorist Mohamed Mehra, who has crossed over to France and the world to send a message of peace, and who will be the guest, this Thursday, May 19 evening, at 8 pm at the association. Rignac Citizens Meeting

Your very demand, did you say yes to the invitation of the civic meeting?

We have the same vision of citizenship, tolerance, coexistence, we hold the same values. I really have some similarities with this association.

You’re going to meet rural schoolchildren who are rather reserved, what would be your message?

I go to the field, I say what I see. Some young people do not know what is happening in the big city. They fear the other, with the difference. We don’t know each other but we already have a verdict, that’s where racism starts. These well-protected young people need to know what is happening in the world. At school, some people tell me that they have never talked to a black person or a Muslim. I talk to them about tolerance, about living together, about giving them an open message. If you don’t respect yourself, you can’t respect others.

It’s 2022, it’s been 10 years since your son was killed, do you still have that much energy or are you tired of carrying this word into a world that isn’t going well?

I have no right to be tired, I do not feel tired. I made a promise to my son and this young man. During the health crisis, I worked less but there are many requests because there is a lot of suffering among these young people. So I have more courage because we have to do more. I am taking twelve young men to Morocco who have been completely left out. We are going to work in a social center in Morocco that we are preparing for the Imad Association. I will try to educate them, increase their sense of height, try to instill respect in them.

During the debate before the presidential election, many people hinted at you about the headscarf কী what inspired you?

I’ve been wearing a scarf on my head since I lost my son but I’m against the burqa, it’s not our tradition in Islam, it’s a lot like the wives of the prophets who wear such clothes. Either way, I think people need to be given freedom. Freedom is equality, and without it there is no humanity.

What do you think of the alarming rise of the right?

When I saw Marine Le Pen face Emanuel Macron, I made it clear that we had to wake people up and block the right. I said, do your duty or there will be civil war. The president of the republic has not been able to do things well, but he has faced many problems, such as the Covid health crisis, the yellow vest and pension reform. It needs to do what it needs to do in the next 5 years.

What do you think of Elizabeth Bourne’s appointment as Prime Minister?

Great! We must create space for women. She is a woman of character who can be successful. I’ve worked with him on several occasions, he can do good things, you have to trust him, you have to give him time. She is an extraordinary woman who does not allow herself to be pushed around.

Importance of Citizens Meeting Association

This Thursday, May 19 will be one of the most significant dates for the Rignak Citizens’ Assembly Association to receive Latifa Ibn Ziaten. He will be there tomorrow morning, between 10 and 12, to exchange with high school, college and high school students. When the students at the school, at 8 o’clock in the evening, she invites the general public to meet in the Andre-Gerlan space, which feels itself shrinking because this woman’s aura is so great.
Remember that Latifa Ibn Ziaten was born in Morocco in 1960, when she left France at the age of 17 to join her husband, a railway worker from the SNCF. She is the mother of five children, a daughter and four sons, including Imad Ibn Ziaten, a non-commissioned officer of the 1st Regiment of the Frankazal Parachute Train, who was killed on March 11, 2012 in Tulu. After the death of her son, Latifa Ibn Ziaten sought an explanation for the tragedy. He visited Izards, a town northeast of Toulouse where Imad’s killer and six other victims lived. He met and exchanged greetings with a group of young men at the foot of the tower: after describing Muhammad Merah as a “hero” and “martyr of Islam,” they came to know the identity of Ibn Ziatan and apologized to him. This exchange follows that he claims that he came up with the idea of ​​establishing the IMAD Association for Youth and Peace in April 2012, with the aim of helping young people in need in neighboring neighborhoods. Knight of the Legion of Honor, National Order of Merit Officer, International Award for Brave Women, Latifa Ibn Ziaten has dedicated her efforts to promoting the values ​​of peace and living together against extremist rhetoric.
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