Russia at the center of trade and technology council discussions –

The European Union and the United States released a second progress report in Paris on Monday (May 16th) on the negotiations between the Trade and Technology Council (CTC), which revolved around the Ukraine war.

Following the conclusion of the draft TCC held in Paris on Sunday and Monday, EURACTIV assumed last week that Russia was at the center of discussions between Europeans and Americans.

European Commission Vice-President Margaret Vesteger reports on both. ” Elusive “And” Very concrete

The CCT was launched in Pittsburgh last September with the aim of becoming a sustainable transatlantic exchange platform, allowing Brussels and Washington to align themselves with international trade and emerging technologies.

But this second stage point of the CCT was somewhat exclusive by the war in Ukraine. ” The world has changed dramatically since the first TTC meeting in Pittsburgh on September 29, 2021 “, Note the final decisions.

The EU and the United States Resolve to defend Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity “, Can we read the document, which specifies that it is specifically CCT that made it possible” Encourage unprecedented level of cooperation in export control and sanctions in response to news of Russian aggression in Ukraine

The two blocks are engraved in black and white. Russia and Belarus have banned the export of equipment that could be used militarily, especially ” Advanced technology equipment is not multilaterally regulated

They also remember The importance of an open and fair rule-based multilateral system In addition, the WTO needs to be reformed.

Environmental change was not absent from the debate. The EU and the United States have expressed a desire to work more closely together to align their policies on green public procurement.

If green public procurement is done properly, it can facilitate environmental change. If done in the wrong way, it can be a tool of protectionism Said Valdis Dombrovskis, European Trade Commissioner.

The collapse of the WTO

LawWith regional powers unilaterally pursuing their trade interests at the risk of slipping into WTO maintenance mode, with lax and widely unenforceable rules.

Many initiatives

The results also include the results of each of the 10 working groups of the TCC, indicating a range of new or upcoming initiatives.

The issue of the supply chain, disrupted by the situation in Eastern Europe, has especially strengthened the two sides’ desire to strengthen their cooperation. The EU and the United States plan to set up a precautionary and monitoring system for the production of semiconductors in order to forecast supply disruptions.

The two parties want to adopt the same method for controlling the platforms, within a framework A structured policy dialogue dedicated to the key emerging issues of platform governance, including competition in the digital market.

They reaffirmed their support for an open, global, manageable, reliable and secure Internet – in line with the Declaration on the Future of the Internet, initiated by Washington and signed by Brussels in late April.

No. Digital Market Act (DMA) or Digital Services Act (DSA), however, was not mentioned in the final decision. There is no sign of the “Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework” announced in early April, which would certainly follow the illegality of the “Privacy Shield” that governs data sharing with the United States. Brussels told reporters last week that the deal was being finalized outside the CCT.

A new process dedicated to technical standards (Strategic standardization informationSSI) has also encouraged cooperation in this area.

In the case of artificial intelligence, the final document meets the general aspirations. ” A risk-based approach And mentions the proposal of the European Commission, which will become a reference in the market. ” We want to build a joint roadmap on reliable AI and assessment and measurement tools for risk management “, Note the experts.

The third meeting of the TCC is now set to take place in the United States in December.

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