A bride refuses to walk down the aisle after receiving a letter from her late father

Many children wait for their parents’ blessing before going to the altar. But when that doesn’t happen, children can be overwhelmed. This is how a bride got a letter from her late father and wanted to annul her marriage.

Madison was ready to marry her longtime boyfriend Jeff. They were ready for this big day all summer, and all that was left was to introduce Jeff to his father Bill, to ask for his blessing.

Bill lived in another state because he and Madison’s mother divorced. If her mother had lived nearby and could easily have met Madison, the young woman would have had the opportunity to see her father several times a year because of the distance.

One night when Bill came to dinner, the atmosphere in the house was cold and awkward. Bill didn’t like Jeff because he was a musician. She didn’t think it was a stable job that could support her grandchildren and their future children.

During dinner, Bill could not express his opinion about Jeff’s profession. “Are you looking for a stable job?” He asked at one point.

“Being a musician is a chore,” Jeff replied to his future father-in-law. “I sell music online, and I have concerts every week. It doesn’t pay to be a doctor, but I get paid,” he said.

“How long will your concerts help you live? It’s not like you can perform in local bars forever. How will you feed my daughter and your future kids?” Bill answered.

Jeff tried his best to be patient beyond respect for Madison, but he could no longer. He got angry, and told Bill that how he planned to support his future family was not his business.

The evening ended in chaos, and Bill returned home angry without giving the couple his blessing. Madison cried all night. She loved her father very much and wanted him to approve of her relationship.

Madison cried after her father left without her blessing. | Source: pixels

Madison didn’t realize the play wasn’t over. The next morning, he received a phone call from his father’s best friend, telling him that Bill had never been home.

“Is he still with you?” Bill’s friend Jason asked Madison. Confused, he did not answer.

Jason sighed at the other end of the line and continued. “So it must be true …”

“What’s the truth?” Madison asked him.

“A blue sedan, just like your dad is currently driving, was found in a road accident this morning. The man was in his early 50’s and was taken to a nearby hospital,” Jason said.

Madison fell to the floor. “No, it can’t be that!” He exclaimed.

Madison went to the hospital to check if the man was talking to his father. He was devastated when he confirmed it was Bill and died of his injuries just hours after the accident.

Bill died in a car accident after seeing Madison and Jeff. | Source: pixels

“There will be no marriage,” he told Jeff as he mourned his father’s death. “Please allow me to mourn for my father,” he added, asking everyone in the room to give him some space.

For months, Madison never spoke of her marriage again, because she did not want to get married without her father’s blessing. He valued her too much for ignoring what he thought and he missed her so much.

However, Madison is slowly recovering from her mother’s support and Jeff’s patience and love for her. He started talking about marriage again and a new date was set.

On an unfortunate day, wearing a gorgeous white satin dress, Madison sat in front of a mirror. He was surprised and did not recognize himself. After a few moments of silence, someone knocked on the door. This is her mother, who looked stunning in her outfit.

“I have something for you, honey,” he said, sitting next to her. “I think you should read this letter before the ceremony starts. It came from your father,” he added.

Madison is ready to marry Jeff after their marriage has been closed for several months. | Source: pixels

Madison’s heart began to beat faster. He hurriedly opened the envelope and began to read. On a crumpled piece of paper was his father’s messy handwriting:

Dear Madison,

I hate that this is my last letter to you. I am writing to you from the hospital. I don’t know how much time is left, because my injuries are very serious. I know I didn’t want you to marry Jeff… “

Madison suddenly stopped reading and started crying. She took off her veil and buried her face in his hands. “I can’t do it … I can’t get married without her by my side. I always thought she’d walk me down the corridor,” Madison E. cried.

“Honey, but your father has come,” his mother replied. Madison was confused by these words for a moment. But suddenly a spark of hope filled his heart that his father would be by his side somehow. Her face turned pale as she looked at the letter to continue reading.

“Read the letter,” his mother insisted.

Madison could not have imagined marrying her father without her. | Source: pixels

My heart will always be with you, Madison, even after death. I bless you and Jeff. I just want you to be happy, and I know you are right with him. Bless, and always remember that Dad will always love you with all his heart.

Madison read the letter and looked at her mother. “What does that mean, Mom?”

“Dear, your uncle Jason spoke to the hospital after your father died, and they revealed that he had approved his heart transplant to someone else who could be saved. What he asked was if he was with you on your birthday,” his mother said. Revealed.

At that moment, a stranger entered the room. “This is David. Your father’s heart is pounding in David’s chest. He is here, right next to you,” said his mother fondly.

Madison could not cry. “Dad was serious when he said he would always be with me,” she said, hugging David. She heard his heartbeat and closed her eyes and imagined that she was hugging her father.

A few minutes later, Madison descended into the corridor next to David with her father’s heart. She looked up and smiled, knowing her father was with her. It was the best day of his life.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Father’s love is eternal. Although Bill could no longer be physically with Madison at the time of her marriage, he made sure to be there for her in a special way. There is no limit to a father’s love for his children, and even death cannot stop it.

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