Artificial insemination is allowed for “chain” women

Health Minister Nitjan Horowitz on Tuesday announced a change in his department’s policy that would now give “women in chains” the right to artificial insemination and other fertility treatments after years of hard work by workers.

Until now, such options are not accessible to “chained women” – women whose husbands refuse to divorce them, or The clock In Hebrew, which puts them in a sad legal and religious constraint – since the consent of the spouses was required before using the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and it was unlikely that they would seek the consent of the person who refused their divorce, or they would get it. .

This week, Horowitz reconsidered those guidelines despite strong opposition from Chief Robinette, the Wala website reported.

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“As with all medical matters, the only consideration the Ministry of Health should consider is medical and professional. Non-medical considerations are irrelevant to the ministry’s guidelines and we will remove them, “Horowitz said, according to the site.

This change is due to the year-round efforts of the Mavoi Satum organization, which protects rights agounot – The word “chained woman” in Hebrew.

“After years of hard work, dedicated work, we have finally been able to abort. agounot Thanks to the donation of sperm to those who may now become pregnant, without permission from their chained husbands. Today another step is being taken towards a world without agounot ! The organization said Tuesday in response to Horowitz’s announcement.

Health Minister Nitjan Horowitz is chairing a meeting of his Meritz faction at the Knesset in Jerusalem on February 28, 2022. (Jonathan Cindelflash 90)

Jewish law frowns the conception of a child by a “chained woman” with a man other than her husband, and such a child is then considered a mamzer, An illegitimate child, a condition that makes it very difficult for them and their descendants to marry in Israel. Yet, the problem does not occur in the “chained” woman who conceives a child. Through Artificial insemination. This concept is not integrated into the rules that determine its status mamzer .

However, Chief Rabbit has long resisted proposing such a treatment agounot Due to a concept of Jewish law known as the “Maret Ain”, which literally means “seeing with the eyes” or “deceptive appearance”, which prohibits any act that may give the appearance of a breach of decency, even when nothing is prohibited. The game

The problem of “chained women” is complex – especially in the Jewish state where all marriages and divorces are supervised by the country’s Rabbinet and must be consistent with the interpretation of Jewish law. And according to the explanation made by Robinet, it is impossible to dissolve a legally valid union without the consent of the spouse. A spouse who refuses to grant a religious divorce may be subject to a ban by a rabbinical court, including imprisonment, but cannot be subsequently subject to the obligation of divorce. The clock.

The exact number of rejected divorces andagounot Highly controversial, the figures released by the rabbinical court only refer to women recognized by this court. Because in some cases the issues can drag on year after year, tied female lawyers say the official number is much lower than the actual number of women in these legal constraints, many are waiting for official recognition of their position.

According to the Center for Women’s Justice, there are 2,500 to 3,000 women who have been waiting for at least two years The clock, But only a few hundred have been recognized by the courts. And only a few dozen disobedient husbands are subject to punishment by rabinical courts.

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