At what age can a child walk alone on the street?

It is up to the parents to decide whether or not to allow their child to leave home alone and this is not regulated by law. If some recommendations are withdrawn from the site of 116,000 missing children, the decision rests with the parents, who have confidence in their decision and the maturity of their child. Outdoor space is appropriate if indeed A key stage in a child’s developmentThe adults have to be ready to deal with him on the street alone!

Children: At what age can you go to the city center alone?

From first grade onwards, your child no longer needs to read stories, tie his shoelaces, and go for a walk soon! In this area, Paul Barre, a general practitioner in Paris, explains that ” There is a child about 6 years oldRelative autonomy. In other words, he manages himself, but the adult must be with him “Most children begin to analyze risk and control their behavior by the age of five.

If you feel ready, Let him go the way he already knowsIt’s time to dump her In your eyes! The peach can walk in front of you or next to you, but never behind you.

It’s time to dump her and move on.

  • Cross a road When there are no pedestrian crossings or little green or red men: first look to the left then to the right, do not run on the road, do not go back, evaluate the speed at which cars are approaching …
  • Beyond a garage exit Or trash cans left on the sidewalk.

Girls, be more careful than boys?

Despite our best efforts, we are not able to raise them in the same way. We allow the boys something more and earlier. Girls, on the other hand, are much more encouraged to be vigilant for themselves and others. On the road, they are much more attentive and responsible “It simply came to our notice then.

An analysis that verifies the statistics: Seven out of ten young people killed in a traffic accident are boys …

8 or 10 years old: When will we let him go to school alone?

According to a recent road safety survey, Parents are increasingly concerned The idea of ​​letting their child go to school alone. In 2010, young Frenchmen made their first trip, at the age of 10, without an average adult.

However, Paul Barry insists: ” By the age of 7 or 8, a child can move very well on its own,If you have already traveled several times with your parents Know all the dangers A. Ask her at least once to guide you through the school so she can manage as an adult!

If our child can make a trip with one of his or her other students Classes that are next to us, it’s even better! Why don’t they meet in the morning near the corner to go to school together? This solution allows children to gain autonomy, to learn to be alone without adults, to be safe and to reassure parents.

Begin to ensure the maximum safety of your son or daughter … with the choice of clothing! Let’s decorate with bright colors So that it is easily noticed by the drivers. Other possibilities (for us, really anxious parents): Phosphorescent bands stick to school bags, even sneakers that flash.

There are rules that our child must collect at all costs, e.g. Don’t driveEven if he’s late, or Don’t talk to strangers. Let’s not be afraid to be stubborn by reminding our little schoolboy to be careful on the street every morning!

Going home alone in the evening: From what age?

Some parents go to elementary school with their daughters and sons. When they become 6th graders, they are exposed to an unfamiliar environment, often away from home, and have to take a new path. It’s no coincidence that young pedestrians at the start of college are at the top of the list of accidents That, insists Paul Barry.

He doesn’t think the road is a place of danger, but Social life is a place for learning. The goal is to empower him without fear. ” We all have memories of our school days: the secrets we share with friends, the snacks we share, and so on. We must not deprive children of such things.Encourages the doctor.

The beginnings of pre-adolescence rhyme with the desire for independence. Kids no longer appreciate mom or dad companions everywhere … our little one is old enough to go out alone or ride a bike with his friends and girlfriends. Here are some rules to follow: He knows where he is going and with whom he is going And set a time to go home. What will save us from many worries!

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