Blue space: Ateliers Saint-Louis will not be selected

According to the Ateliers Saint-Louis Safeguard Committee, the project to turn the place into a blue space and set up a permanent exhibition at Jules A. Brillant there is well and truly dead. The committee members did not want to be interviewed about this, but said %”,”text”:”certains à 100%”}}”>Some 100% That project will not be implemented.

The Espace bleu project submitted to Quebec proposed to cover the parking lot before Ateliers Saint-Louis as a green space and a place for publicity, while inside, an exhibition related to the history of the region will be presented.

Photo: Courtesy of Ateliers Saint-Louis Safeguard Committee

Although less outspoken, Remuski’s mayor, Guy Caron, has similar information.

From what I’ve heard, for example, behind the scenes at the ministry level, the concept was interesting but the chances of success weren’t very high because of the criteria that had to be met at the program level., He said. Mayor Caron himself does not support the project, believing it is unlikely to happen. However, he was backed by former mayor Mark Parent.

Last week, Remusky City announced that those interested in acquiring the building for a dollar and renovating it must do so by September 30, 2022. After that, broken can be considered.

I really hope we have a rehabilitation project. […] You can’t have something that is fictional, not realistic. We want an effective project. A

A quote from Guy Caron, mayor of Remusky

If rehabilitation takes place, the selected project must consider not only the cost of repairs, but also the future maintenance of the building, the mayor noted. In one of the health records released in February, at least $ 1.2 million work was reported for the building’s exterior structure. Consultant Luke Babin determined otherwiseHere[vait] There is no economic benefit in keeping it.

CISSS is still interested

The Bus-Saint-Laurent Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSS), which raised the idea of ​​buying land in St. Louis, Atelier, is still interested. Remuski presents an interesting way for the company in the vicinity of the hospital, which refuses for the moment to reveal the projects planned in this location.

The CISSS Du Bas-Saint-Laurent still has a great interest in this land. We also reiterated our interest in the city, Says his spokesman, Gilles Turmel. If CISSS Ateliers St. Louis gets his hands, but they will be destroyed.

For its part, the committee for the protection of Atelier Saint-Louis said it was already working on other options, but considered it too early to reveal them now.

No official refusal from Quebec

However, the Space Blue project has not been officially canceled, according to the Ministry of Culture, which replied to us in a short email that Ateliers did not reject St. Louis And Analysis in progress.

In the interview Same frequency Last week, the president of the Société rimouskoise du patrimoine (SRP), however, confirmed that the project had been set aside. That is what we understandMarielle Esclapez said.

Similar faces of Ateliers Saint-Louis and Cégep de Rimouski in 1929

Ateliers Saint-Louis and Cégep de Rimouski were both built in the 1920s by Pierre Levesque, the same Quebec architect. Both buildings can be seen here in 1929.

Photo: Author unknown / Collection: Archives of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart / Remuscois Heritage Society

He believes that public funds need to be invested to save the building, whether it is blue space or not.

It’s really a joint venture. You may have to get your hands on a community purse. […] The city and the government are the ones who can keep the amount needed for citizens, organizations, businesses, support to save the building. A

A quote from Mariel Escalapage, President of the Remuscois Heritage Society

For his part, Remusky’s member, Harold Label, said he had no indication that the Space Blue project had been rejected. However, he thinks setting a deadline for this file is not bad, as CT did.

At some point, you have to draw a line, the city has done so and it is goodHe said.

Until September 30, so it is still possible to preserve the century-old building. It remains to be seen whether this is a Effective project Can be identified and presented, which has not been implemented in a six-year manner.

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