Covid test is no longer mandatory for vaccinated passengers

Although the country is still classified as “orange”, PCR or antigen testing is no longer mandatory for travelers with a complete immunization schedule. Arrangements to go there will be effective from February 15.

Although many voices are being raised in Tunisia to criticize the gradual disappearance of checks and balances, the formality of entry is becoming easier. In light of its notorious progress in vaccination (82% of those over 40, 67% of those over 12 and 100% of tourist workers have completed their immunization schedule), the Council of Ministers lifted the vaccine. Curfew Thursday, February 10, across the country, and decided that from February 15, 2022, travelers arriving in the region and those over the age of 18 will be exempted from presenting a negative PCR test. Will this signal bring back tourists? Not sure, Tunisian President Kays Said replaced the Superior Council of Judiciary (CSM) on Sunday, February 13, which he dissolved a week ago, with another body. “TemporaryAnd gave himself the power to dismiss judges and go on strike. Hours after the decision was announced, more than 1,000 protesters gathered in central Tunisia to protest the president’s new move and to express their concerns about the independence of the judiciary.

Arrival in Tunisia: What are the entry conditions for French tourists?

For vaccinated travelers:

Since the formality of entry into the country is simplified Tuesday, February 15, 2022PCR or antigen testing is no longer mandatory for travelers with a full immunization schedule.That, sure FigaroTunisian National Tourist Office in France.

For immunized travelers:

All travelers over the age of 6 must go to Tunisia:

  • Current a Negative PCR test for Covid-19, carrying a QR code, was performed in less than 48 hours Before the first boarding or A Negative Antigen Test (TDR-Ag), with a QR code, is completed in less than 24 hours Before the first boarding (self-examination is not recognized).

For all travelers:

  • A Health form must be filled website and must be presented in digital or paper format upon check-in and arrival.

What will happen to a positive test after arriving in Tunisia?

Fast or PCR tests will be performed randomly For newcomers 6 years of age or older. If the test is positive on arrival (Quick test or PCR is done randomly), must be submitted to the concerned traveler Five days of self-isolation And if the symptoms persist, this period will increase to seven days. All costs related to relocation and accommodation are at his expense.

The Residents If tested positive, they should isolate themselves at home.

What are the conditions for children?

Those who have not completed the immunization schedule and are over six years of age Either need to be presented Negative result of a PCR test Carried 48 hours before reaching Tunisian soil, i.e. Antigen test results (No more than 24 hours). Rapid testing or PCRO will be done randomly for young travelers 6 years of age or older.

To know: Juveniles (under 18 years of age) travel alone and minors accompanying persons vaccinated against Covid-19 are exempt from compulsory captivity.

Vaccination passes, hotels, restaurants … effective arrangements in Tunisia

Sidi Bo Sayede (pictured) Like elsewhere, Tunisia lifted a nationwide curfew on Thursday, February 10, 2022. Annibal Trejo /

Tunisia lifted the nationwide curfew on Thursday, February 10, and decided to impose a curfew. Pass the vaccine The latter is theoretically necessary for all people over the age of 18 to access all public places, administrations, hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops, sports halls or hammams. Note that European Health Pass Recognized by the Tunisian authorities. Finally, respect for wearing a mask, physical distance, or ventilation in a closed space is still effective.

Back to France: What’s the Protocol?

For Vaccinated travelers Within the meaning of European regulations, no further examination is required. Evidence of a full immunization schedule is sufficient to return to France, as was the case before the publication of the Omicron variant.

For Immunized travelerss, the obligation to present a negative test for travel to France remains. They may still be subject to a random test upon arrival. Travelers who test positive need to differentiate themselves according to their health insurance recommendations.

It is advisable to keep yourself informed, follow the recommendations of the local authorities and consult the website of the French Embassy in Tunisia.

Since the outbreak began and as of February 12, 2022, Tunisia has officially recorded 964,957 cases of coronavirus, including 27,065 deaths. The health crisis has brought tourism, which accounts for 14% of the country’s GDP, to its knees. This core sector suffered from instability and then insecurity after the 2011 revolution, before surpassing 9.5 million visitors in 2019 in recent years. But by 2020, the number of arrivals has dropped by 80% and tourist arrivals by 64%.

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