Domestic Violence: Co-Victim Welcomes Children to a Micro-Crutch Ramblet

Open for about two months, Micro Crচche welcomes children aged 10 weeks to 4 years without any accommodation criteria. (© 78 News)

Go carry Complaint to the police stationShe has wound healingThe hospitalMeet people against the network Domestic violence Without the pressure of management Children : What is this? Micronorsary To our angels Rambouillet (Yvelines).

A casual welcome

“I was looking for a 140 m² place that was well-placed and bright near Yvelines, near a police station.” Geraldine Chamouard. The manager of Microcrete continued: “I learned about The Transfer Rambouillet CPAM. And I knew the locals.

Thus Géraldine Chamouard opened a second entity of his micro-cr Ache A nos anges at Rambouillet in 47 rue Gambetta. The first opened its doors in February 2021 in Plassey.

In these structures, intended for children aged 10 weeks to 4 years, a cradle is reserved for children who are co-victims of domestic violence. “The idea is that a mother (or father) can give her child time to take the necessary steps,” Geraldine Chamuard noted. The microcrat is in contact with the Rambulet police station. And two of its officials have trained early childhood professionals on the consequences of violence against children.

Withdrawal of a child who does not allow himself to cry, or who refuses to communicate can be a sign of domestic violence.

Géraldine Chamouard explains: “We are not an emergency swing. We have a convenient link. When a mother [ou un papa, N.D.L.R.] It can happen without our instruction, we can instruct it on the network to fight domestic violence. “The reception is thus occasionalSo that it can benefit parents and children in need.

“Usually, we are contacted by members of the anti-police violence network. He is referring to one of us. We’re back to see if that person is here, “Geraldine observed. The purpose of this measurement is not to observe but to follow the victim in his footsteps. Sometimes it is necessary to start hunting several times before being able to complete the process. And in Rambouillet, the anti-violence network is extensive. The agreement between the police and the hospital, the cooperative stability is part of it.

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Without geographical boundaries

The Ramboilet branch, which has been open since March 8, has a request if it has not yet received a child. With joyMore than a year after opening, 6 to 8 babies are welcomed each month.

The idea of ​​a cradle reserved for inter-family violence was born in Plymouth. Géraldine Chamouard, a University Degree (DU) holder in Violence Against Women obtained in Paris 8, was able to complete two internships, one of which was at the Plaisir police station. This same diploma, Noémie Somma, a reference to two Yvelines structures, is in the process of being passed.

The two private branches are not subject to direct debit. This nuance, size, opens the door The victim Eure-et-Loir, especially in the case of rambulet. “It is possible to come to both structures. That fact must be taken into account. “

This temporary accommodation is chargeable. If the assistance from CAF (addition of care mode) is granted, the balance will be 31. For this price, 16 hours per month, i.e. two days or three half-day receptions are given. If the swing is funded by several actors, Géraldine Chamouard would like to see the department financially involved. “It falls within their area of ​​expertise,” he argues.

Outside of childcare, works in microcratches Fatherhood, Mother-child bond. “They have been humiliated, degraded and lost confidence in the context of the violence,” the manager argued.

Twelve beds a year

But microcratches are not reserved for children who are co-victims of violence. Twelve beds are available for children throughout the year, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

“Spaces are available to individuals and businesses. Through an agreement, a company can save space in a crche for its employees. It simplifies return to work, reduces absences and allows for better organization in professional and personal life,” Geraldine Chamoured concludes. .

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